2021’s Best Places to Live in Miami

Buyers looking for a home in Miami should carefully consider all the options. Despite the fact that the city is not big, the lifestyle in different areas is very different. Real estate experts recommend paying attention to the new complex under construction Natiivo Miami. It is located in the very center of the city and has excellent infrastructure. But the center is not the only good area in the city. In this article, we have collected the best areas to live in Miami. Explore our guide to make an informed decision. Each place has its own pros and cons, but different criteria are important for different people. We have used the most important categories for real estate appraisal from the point of view of experienced realtors.

Downtown Miami

Considering Miami areas to live, this part of the city cannot be missed. You will find many great deals on new houses on iNew-Homes. Now let’s talk about the advantages of the area:

  • Residents do not need to have a car. City services, hospital, shops, cafes and restaurants are within walking distance.
  • Many business centers and offices have made the area attractive to careerists.
  • Competent infrastructure allows you to quickly get by public transport to any part of the city and back.

There are many opportunities for culture lovers in this area. There are 6 museums, more than 10 galleries and entertainment centers here. For those looking for natural food, the farmers’ market is a big advantage.


This area became the next on the list of Miami’s best places to live. Comfortable conditions have been created here for career and business development. Residential complexes were equipped with wonderful playgrounds. For these two indicators, Brickell is often chosen by families with small children. In this case, parents can find a balance between career and family life. The availability of public transport, as well as an extensive network of cafes and shops, make life in the area as comfortable as possible. There is also a market with natural farm products. The highlight is the best Asian restaurant in town. In this area there is a kindergarten with an excellent reputation – Brickell International Academy.

Brickell key

The area is good for doing business, building a career and shopping. Entertainment and cultural centers are 10 minutes away by car. In this place, there is an upmarket restaurant on the waterfront called La Mar by Gastón Acurio. Also, the Brickell Key area is considered one of the safest in the city, it has not come out of the top ten for a long time.

Edgewater / Midtown

This small area is quiet and perfect for families with small children. Within walking distance there are coffee shops, small bakeries and shops. To get to museums and galleries, you need to use public transport. Local residents assess the quality of the infrastructure as good. In search of restaurants or clubs, people go to the nearest areas: the center or Wynwood. Outdoors is the Waterfront Margaret Pace Park. It is a great place for fitness or walking pets.


This area is usually chosen by young people at the beginning of their careers. There are also many places for lovers of culture and nightlife. Public transport is rated average, but many cafes and shops are within walking distance. Most residents feel that it is advisable to have a car while living in the area. The place boasts a huge number of museums, galleries and theaters (over 20). It also houses two of Miami’s best restaurants, three gyms and two yoga studios.

How to choose the best place to live in Miami?

Professional real estate agents always approach the selection of criteria individually. Each customer has a clear idea of ​​their own comfort. However, there are indicators that are important for everyone to consider. Among them:

  • Average income level of the population in the region;
  • Prices for new and old houses;
  • The trend of growth or decline in real estate prices;
  • Crime level;
  • Population density;
  • Development of infrastructure.

We only offer condos and apartments in areas that perform well in the above criteria. You can also contact us to add points that are important to you in this rating.