How To Climb The Charts As A New Musician

It’s so rewarding when your hard work is recognized and finally pays off and placed where it deserves. There are so many musicians out there, and as one of them, you have to work extra hard if the masses are to appreciate you and your music. Appearing in the charts; whether local or international and staying at the top is every musician’s dream, but it should also be your motivator.

But you don’t just start your music career and the next minute, you are in the charts, no way! You have to fight tooth and nail if you wish to capitalize on all the exposure and opportunities that the charts have to offer. Trust the process!

Enough said, if you are a new musician, read on to find how to climb the charts:

Use High Paying Apps to Your Advantage

There are so many apps out there for both seasoned and beginner artists that will help to get your music across the board. You could utilize the PlaylistStreams app to help get your music out there, update your bio, profile, and content, and share your music through your social media handles. This is a great way to monetize your talents as well as provide your eager consumers with content they’ll appreciate.

Utilize Social Media

According to recent social media research, an estimated 4 billion people are on social media, and a good chunk of them are active users. For you, that translates to a lot of publicity, upvotes, and exposure. Social media provides one of the best ways for you to promote yourself as a brand and your work. Create as much presence as you can, share your content with the masses, and sooner or later, your music will be appearing on the charts. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of social media platforms through which you can connect with the public on a global scale.

Consider Radio Playlists and Airplay

Yes, there are social media, digital platforms, and a large population that doesn’t have access or don’t know how to use these platforms but has the conventional FM radio! If your music is to make it to the charts, you have to receive airplay, a lot of it actually. This way, public organizers, promoters, and record labels just to mention but a few will take a keen interest in your music. Additionally, the broadcast data systems(BDS) will track your music depending on how often it is played; either through the radio, TV, or other online platforms.

Utilize Audiovisual/Digital Platforms

Thanks to the amazing bouts of technological advancements, there now exist digital platforms where you can upload, share, and promote your music at the click of a button. Similarly, listeners and viewers can easily and conveniently review and respond to your content accordingly. The more listeners your music gets, the more votes and popularity it receives, thus getting closer to the charts. As a new musician, you might not be aware of which digital platforms you can join, don’t worry. You can either hop online and do some research or read through this digital platform list for some needed insights.

Use a Professional Promoter

More often than not, new musicians fail to make it to the charts. It’s not that they don’t have what it takes but it’s because they don’t have the know-how to promote their music. As much as you work hard, create and produce some amazing music, you can only do so much to self-promote. Ideally, a professional promoter will do all the work for you which includes making sure that your music is played in all the right places for maximum exposure and to the right people. This way, you’ll be left with the important task of creating quality music.

Include a Christmas Song in Your Album

Christmas is loved, celebrated, and enjoyed in the world over, and billions of people will be looking forward to the holidays each year. There is always a lot of love to show, give, and receive. According to the experts, Christmas songs not only tend to have persistent radio airplay but they also get a lot of publicity depending on their quality. To increase your chances of getting to the charts, compose a lovely Christmas song, add it to your album, and let the Christmas spirit take your music to the much-acclaimed charts.

Your music will get to the charts, stay, and get publicized when it’s of the best quality and interesting. Remember, making it to the top of the charts is one thing, staying, and climbing is a whole lot of another issue. Stick to the above tips and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you join the big leagues.