15 Everyday Items That Can Be Used By Couples for Fun

The thing about sex is that the more of it that you have it, the more you want it. That being said, the more that you have sex, the sooner that you become bored of having it in the conventional way and begin to look elsewhere for other ways and other means of enjoy it. If you want your partner to be more satisfied on bed,  check out https://jesextender.com/. After all, variety is the spice of life and this is true for sex also.


Whilst there are lots of things that you can do in order to add a bit of excitement to your sex life – from introducing a third (or even fourth) person to engaging in abit of role play – sometimes the best things are those that are close to hand. As you will see from the list below, everyday items can be just as good at spicing up your sex life than shop bough, speciality products.


A cooking spatula

Similar to a whip, a cooking spatula is equally as good for the purpose of spanking your partner or being spanked with. So the next time that you are in the mood for a bit of light bondage, head into the kitchen and grab yourself one of these; just make sure that it is clean before doing so – unless you are into a bit of sploshing that is. To get the most satisfying results, go for one that is made out of either silicone or rubber; failing that however, a classic wooden one will still do the job.


A washing machine

For those women who only ever use the washing machine for the purpose of cleaning their clothes, then they are seriously missing out on some good vibrations. Once you know the fun that can be had with one, you will be wanting to upgrade to the very latest model right away. When you find yourself in the mood, simply switch it on to full power, sit on top of it, and let the motions take you to where you need to go.


A banana peel

It is not just women that can get fruity with a banana (use your imagination how), but men can too, using the skin / peel. Thanks to its phallic shape, it makes the perfect sleeve to go over a guy’s manhood whilst masturbating. The wet and sticky texture is actually very similar to that of a lady’s intimate parts, so it should be something that most men enjoy. The added bonus is that any mess left on the penis can be cleaned off by the other half. If you tell them it counts as one of their 5 a day then they may just lick it off with their tongue.


A head massager

Although not everyone will have one of these lying around in their home, for those lucky people who do, there is lots of fun that can be had with one. The vibrations it produces make it great for rubbing over the genitals and / or other erogenous areas on your partner or yourself.


A knob of butter

If used in the right way, a small amount of butter (any brand will do) is perfect for rubbing all over your partner’s erogenous areas. The feeling of it melting and then dripping down their body should be enough to get both them and you going. It can also come in handy for those situations when you are all out of lube but still want to partake in some penetrative fun.


An ice cube

Despite it being super cold, an ice cube (or several of them) can make things get real hot, real quick. Rub it all over your partner’s sensitive areas or as an alternative, put it in your mouth and kiss them all over their body with it in there. This is particularly fun when giving or receiving oral sex. It is a nifty trick that will keep them coming back for more.


A shower head 

This is a common one that many people, especially women are likely to have already tried at some point in their life. But for those who have not, know that water is your friend. By setting the shower to just the right temperature and just the right amount of pressure, and by having the head in just the right spot you can reach an orgasm. This type of experience can be equally as satisfying for men also.


A roll of duct tape

Whenever you or your partner find yourselves in the mood for something rough or a bit of bondage, then a roll of duct tape is a great piece of kit for keeping either you or them tied down with hands restricted. Alternatively, it can be used for punishing a submissive that has been badly behaving by taping their mouth shut. Ripping it off with force can cause enough pain to tame any unruly submissive.


A wet towel

Soak a small hand towel in hot water and then use this to massage all over your partner’s genitals and / or other parts of their body. For something different, squeeze it out over your partner a few times to cover them in hot water and get them all wet. This is particularly fun for women as the hot water can make its ways into all those tight spots.


A smartphone

Every smartphone out there has the functionality of vibrating when receiving an incoming call or text message. Do not worry though, there is no need to be in constant communication with people in order to enjoy the vibrations, there are actually apps out there that are dedicated to making your smartphone vibrate in a variety of different ways. Once downloaded, either place the smartphone inside of yours or your partner’s vagina or simply just rub it on their erogenous zones in order to get them feeling good.

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