10 Tips to Take Beautiful Baby Photos

The few months after the birth of a newborn is some of the happiest for the parents. It is great to capture and save these golden moments to remember them all the lifetime. You can shoot professional-level newborn images with today’s photography technology if you learn a few tips and tricks. Get the best baby boy clothes for the infant and let’s get started. Also, find out how to contact the experts in newborn photography Connecticut.

1. Use More Natural Light

The natural light allows you to highlight the amazing features of your newborn. All you have to do is place the child in a location with enough natural light. Look for a spot where you will get indirect natural light, such as an awning, to capture those nice shadows.

2. Learn a Few Camera Basics

Know how to use various controls on your camera to take images. Automatic cameras have the focus, aperture setting, ISO, and shutter speed is taken care of. However, if you are using a manual one, you should learn to adjust each with ease. Besides, know how to turn the flash off.

3. Go Macro

If your camera has a macro feature, make the best use of it to take amazing images. Turn on the macro feature to focus on the kids’ specific parts, such as eyes, ears, and sleep smiles. Macro accentuates the detail that you may not find in a full image.

4. Capture the Images at the Happiest Moments

It is a known fact that children do not spend long smiling. If they are not sleeping, feeding or pooping, they are most likely crying. Look for moments when the child is settled and happy. This can be a few moments after sleeping and feeding. Check their sleep schedule to determine the best time for shoots.

5. Always the Camera Close By

The best moments are not planned. Babies are unpredictable. They may get happy at some time and do facial and hand tricks that are worth capturing at any time. Therefore, keep the camera close so as not to miss some of these golden moments.

6. Keep the Baby Safe

Safety should be the number one priority when taking photos. Do not arrange props or move things with the baby at hand. Have someone to hold the baby when trying challenging poses too. Besides, ensure that the baby does not stay naked or in the cold for long. Also, get the best boy clothes for a boy and tunics for the baby girl. Besides, mix fully-clothed photos with partly naked ones.

7. Try Various Perspectives and Angles

Instead of changing the baby’s position after every shot, try getting shot at various angles, walk around the baby and see the unique angles to take images. Get creative with your props, light, and position of the baby.

8. Take Images Outside

The outdoors are great for taking images of your loved ones. However, most parents are afraid of taking their newborns outside. In perfect weather, you can take them outside and add some natural beauty to images.

9. Include other Family Members

Include older children in newborn photos. Capture them as they are fooling around, playing, or just smiling. You also need to keep those newborn interactions alive for years to come. You can take photos of them individually with the kids and have a full family photo.

10. Get in the Picture

Take a few photos with the infant. Show your attachment to the newborn. This is great for reviving the golden memories you spent with the kid during infancy. If it is a boy, get the best baby boy clothes when holding them.