Non-Blockbuster Classics: The Best Movies of 2021 That You Haven’t Heard Of

2021 was a strong year for movies with some of the highest-grossing blockbusters in history coming out throughout the year. Many of the big movies that were expected to do well at the box office outperformed their expectations, while some movies that failed at the box office are still revered due to their charm and quality. The following movies are the type to accrue a cult following in the future and therefore deserve a bit more love than they have initially received.

#1 The Power of The Dog

You wouldn’t expect a movie with a blockbuster star such as Benedict Cumberbatch to feature on a list of hidden gems, but rather you’d expect to see a movie such as this do well at the box office. The Power of The Dog, however, follows a more indie path with very little promotional content put out prior to release. The creators of this movie wanted to simply create an art piece and Cumberbatch was more than enthusiastic to be involved.

The film has come out to strong reviews from both critics and audiences alike yet has not been spoken about much within movie-loving circles worldwide. If you enjoy suspenseful movies that do not go a second without a tension-filled scene, then this might be the film for you. If not, grab your Big Dollar no deposit bonus and get playing instead!

#2 The Green Knight

Many horror and thriller film boffins would scoff at the inclusion of an A24 film on a list of hidden gems. If you know A24, then you know about their low-key style of movie releases. What you also know is that the studio releases films of the absolute highest quality on a consistent basis, and the Green Knight does not stray far from its winning formula.

Starring Dev Patel, and directed by visionary filmmaker David Lowrey, the Green Knight is unlike any movie you will ever watch. It focuses on landscapes and vistas to set a scene as unique as the story. In order to avoid any spoilers, the plot will not be divulged, but this is once in a lifetime film that all lovers of horror should sink their teeth into.

#3 C’mon C’mon

Joaquin Phoenix, despite being widely regarded as the best actor of his generation, has never truly embraced the blockbuster culture, only appearing in one major box office film in the past 5 years – The Joker. And while that movie put Phoenix in the minds of film lovers all around the world, he has followed up that performance by appearing in a sombre black and white indie film focused on the injustices of our society.

This movie makes a poignant and honest point about the state of human life and the world we currently live in. It is filmed in a documentary style but is very narrative-focused. It’s a must-watch for any drama and indie film lovers.