Why is it important to choose the Right Email Marketing Strategy for Business?

We all wish to create a formal but personalised acquaintance with our clients digitally. However, connecting to the greater audience solely through websites or social media platforms is not enough. Therefore, many businesses are now switching to email marketing, wherein they can connect with clients every week and increase their leads accounts.

Email marketing is sending commercial or business-related emails to a list of members in a group. Such emails can be considered promotional, advertisement or newsletters. Email marketing helps in letting the customers know about new services or products that the company is offering and helps in incentivising customer loyalty. It’s a formal yet personalised way of interacting with clients and helps you turn your lead accounts into solid sales.

Here are a few reasons why is it essential for any email marketing company or business to choose the correct email marketing strategy for your business-


Email marketing is cost-effective as the returns are usually higher than the cost. To evaluate your marketing and sales growth via email, you can check your open rates. A low open rate signifies the reach to the wrong audience. Average open rates for email can be around 17%, signifying a good reach level. A 20% average is one of the excellent cases for average open rates. Usually, real estates and the education industry have higher average open rates by email marketing, followed by restaurant ad food-delivery services.

Possibility of converting the leads

A simple email saying ‘hey, we’re missing you at XYZ firm’ can quickly grab the attention of the shopaholics and your favourite clients towards your new products and services. A personalized email can do wonders for your marketing schedule, and you can start your mail with a more personalized format. Begin the mail with ‘Hey maria( or any other client’s name) in motive to make your fixed customers feel special. You can also ask for surveys and ratings via email, valuing the customer’s feedback, not just the personalised name email. Moreover, you can indulge in sending the tracking status via email, wherein you can use texts like “we’re reaching you soon” for a rather personalised experience, told Michael Artime, the founder and CEO at Ecom Honey. For the last 4 years he`s obsessed about finding ways to increase Email and SMS revenue for E-Commerce brands.

Prior to Ecom Honey, was the founder/co-founder of 3 marketing software companies, exiting his last one in 2018. For 11+ years he`s been “the online marketing guy” in several ventures but truly found his sweet spot here with Ecom Honey.

Real-time reach

Half of the people in this world are always busy on their phones, and the other half find the perfect reason to pick up their mobile phones. Therefore, reserving an exciting place in your client’s email and notification bar can be an interactive step. Adopting a good email marketing strategy increases your interaction with the people and shows a higher rate of conversion. This part happens because you reach the customer in real-time and make yourself noteworthy in the clients’ minds. Increase brand -awareness

Email marketing is your ultimate escape from practising just social media marketing. Coming up with an appropriate email marketing strategy will help create a better brand image. The approach does not only lead to your business and sales growth but also helps in converting your business into a brand that people consider as their go-to option.

(ALMOST) everyone uses email

According to the different data sources, around 91% of the people are on email. So email marketing connects you with your regular customers and helps connect your brand to the targeted audience, which might sometimes include a new audience. Further, it could give you new lead accounts, potentially turning into permanent sales accounts.

Tips for a better email marketing strategy

Many companies connect with their customers via email and their apps to market their services or lure the audience with beneficial offers and discounts. Such emails are often skimmable and to the point, making the clients feel important and informed all at once.

Sometimes you can also fill your newsletter emails with customized GIFs giving the clients a few giggles and emotions while keeping the written part in emails brief and straightforward.

To keep your audience up-to-date, you can also send new informative emails about the latest personalized cards you’re launching and other programs brought in to establish a brand community. Such marketing can easily make your clientele buy a card to make themselves a part of your community.

You will find that many email marketing companies use motivating emails that can boost the confidence of the client and attract their interest in the same. In some instances, adding more images to email can present an attractive outlook to the target audience.

Moreover, you can try releasing your newsletter every week to stay in touch with your clients.


You can reach your clientele and targeted audience even through email with correct strategies and the latest trends. Pitch in the benefits of email marketing to your team today and make your sales sail higher than ever.