Why cabinet Refacing is Better Than Just Painting Over Them

Many homeowners like in Ohio find themselves in a dilemma whether to reface or repaint cabinets. You are not alone if you find yourself in such a situation. Every choice has its merits, and there is no wrong decision. However, it mostly depends on your needs and preference. You do not need to worry as we will help you learn more about the practices. Use the information to make the right choice for your home improvements if you look for cabinet refacing near me services.

A look into Cabinet Refacing

They will make your ideas a reality as you benefit from professional services and qualified contractors for the job. An interior designer can help you create a design you like. Alternatively, an architect can create the layout and implement the idea. As the name suggests, drawer refacing improves aesthetics, and you do not have to spend much to achieve your objectives.

According to Woodreface USA, a Cabinet refacing comany in Ohio, cabinet refacing is an excellent option when the layout does not suit your style. Unlike painting, refacing will alter the design of the drawers to ensure you get something appealing to you. A contractor will cover the areas with a different material like a veneer to change the outlook. You do not remove old components, which is different from refinishing, where you polish the surfaces.

On the other hand, painting the drawers will give your kitchen a fresh look but will not improve its functionality. The option limits itself to appearance, and refacing is better when remodeling. Here are reasons to select refacing your drawers instead;

It offers a Variety of Options

Refacing is a solution if you are thinking of changing the raw materials for drawers. A different wood species can ensure the components complement other interior designs without needing paint. Furthermore, woos looks better in their natural state. You can polish it to enhance its appearance and coat it to prevent the impact of external factors. The initiative does not necessitate you to remove all parts as you alter the front features, which are the most visible. So, if you do not like the wood used in making your home drawers, refacing is an affordable choice for remodeling the parts.

Covers Damage

When your drawer has damages or defects, painting over them will not remove it. Since the front parts have the most impairments, it is best to consider refacing the components. Also, it eliminates staining, and you will not need to repaint the surfaces.

The Final thoughts

The impact of drawer refacing is similar to a complete makeover. Since the less exposed parts don’t suffer degradation, you will probably not need to touch the places. Refacing will be the cheapest option when looking for cabinet refacing near me and give your cabinets a new look. In addition, it is a good idea even when planning to change the color. Adding a veneer will make it easy to change from a dark to a brighter shade to complement your kitchen interior design. Also, the tasks are easy to accomplish than other alternatives.

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