Where Is Geiger Going Next? Here’s What We Can Tell You

Geoff Johns has been pushing boundaries in comics for his whole career and looks to do the same with Geiger. This amazing comic explores a post-apocalyptic world and examines various real-world events and concepts in engaging and exciting ways. Understanding the power of this comic and its potential can help fans understand what to expect from this constantly engaging and rewarding field.

Geiger is Going Back to the Past

While Geiger takes place in a futuristic world after a destructive Unnamed War, it is likely going back to the past in a variety of different ways. For example, the introduction of a few new characters may help bring the past into sharper relief and explain this universe in more detail.

First, Geiger is bringing in the immortal warrior The RedCoat, a character who has been alive since the founding of America. This character’s unique perspectives may bring a sharper historical context to a series that is already rife with the potential for unique conceptual ideas.

Johns is also adding Junkyard Joe, a battle-ready robot that has existed since the 1970s. This character may contrast heavily with The RedCoat’s likely more cynical feeling by bringing in more patriotic concepts and producing a fascinating realm for Johns and his story to expand and grow.

What we’re likely to see with these new characters is a look at their history and how it reflects America. This opportunity gives Johns plenty of chance to flex his trademark storytelling abilities and create even more depth for the Unnamed Universe. It may also provide even more possibilities beyond these potential realities.

How the Past Might Improve the Future

When it comes to comic book universes, there are few people capable of fascinating readers like Johns. His ability to wrap multiple storylines into a satisfying climax is basically unparalleled. And his work on Geiger is likely to push his universe into new places by bringing more of a historical context.

Why is this important? While you don’t need to know every detail about a universe’s history to appreciate it, understanding these details can build more context. It may also provide a fascinating look into a world that could reflect our own if things don’t change for the better.

Johns is likely to bring in real-world events or at least similar concepts into his work by bringing in The RedCoat and Junkyard Joe. Reflecting America’s struggles throughout the world and its potential as a positive force may create more potential for interesting and unforgettable storylines.

Keep Your Interest High

If you think that Geiger sounds fascinating and you want to explore this comic, it is important to stay abreast of its changes and do what you can to find new issues. That’s because comics live and die by their readership. If nobody buys them, then they will quietly die. Keep buying your favorite comics and engage with the fascinating and unforgettable world of Geiger to keep it alive.