What You Need When Purchasing A Laminator

Laminators are incredibly useful devices, they add a thin plastic layer to any item, allowing you to see it without it being damaged by fingerprints, liquid spills, and a variety of other contaminants. In short, it is an essential tool for every office and most home environments.

But, when choosing laminating equipment you need to make sure you get the best and that you have everything you need with your kit. Here’s what you should be getting:

The Workstation

In most cases, this is called a cart and gives you a dedicated space to do your laminating. While you can laminate almost anywhere, it is best to have a dedicated space as this reduces the risk of contamination which can ruin your lamination project.

This also gives you a place to keep your laminator, meaning you always know where it is.

Cleaning Gear

Your laminator needs to be kept clean in order for it to work properly. The adhesive it uses during the process can be a particular concern as it can stick inside the machine and cause issues. To ensure you get the best possible results every time it is advisable to clean it after every use.

The cleaning kit will have a spray cleaner, scouring pad, and a foam pad.

Instruction Manual

This is a vital part of your laminating machine! Most modern machines can cold laminate and hot laminate. There is a time for both and the manual won’t just tell you how to do it. The instruction manual will help you to identify when and why you should be choosing one or the other technique. 

This can be especially helpful when training staff on the laminator.

The Slot Punch

This simple device is essential if your laminator is to be used for ID badges, key cards, or anything similar. The slot punch allows you to make a perfect hole to attach the lanyard or another attachment system. If you are looking at slot punches the best approach is to choose an automatic one. That makes it simple and ensures the hole or holes will always be in the same place. 


The trimmer is designed to cut, or trim, the edge of your lamination without damaging the finish. These come in a variety of sizes and you’ll have to choose between handheld and tabletop ones. The right solution will depend on what you laminate and how often.

Additional Points To Consider

It is worth noting that laminating is more complex than simply sliding a piece of paper into a laminator. If you want the best results you need to consider what you are doing and how often you do it. This will help you to choose the most efficient machine for your needs.

Don’t forget that a laminator won’t come with all these pieces, you will need to select them when you buy your laminator. While you can manage without some of them, having these accessories makes it much easier to use your laminator effectively and efficiently.