What you must prepare before registering for an E2 Visa

Fully decided to travel to a foreign country for business purposes? If you are an investor that considers traveling to the United States, you must know the necessary things before applying for an E2 Visa. If you are interested to learn more about E2 visas, it would be best to visit Ashoori Law for more information.

The article will serve as a guide to fully understand the necessary documents and information you need to know before applying for the visa.

What is an E2 Visa?

Before going to the specific things you will need in your application, it is best to understand the basics of E2 Visa. An E2 visa is an official document you need when going to the United States for business purposes. However, the holder should be an investor and must have the intention to increase the investments within the United States.

The difference between the other E visas is; E1 Visa holder must be a trader; for E2, it must be an investor and E3 specialists from Australia. It is best to apply for the appropriate E visa to manage your expenses and save time processing.

What are the qualifications for E2 Visa?

The most important thing you need is to identify whether you are qualified to apply for an E2 visa. The following are the things to check if you are eligible to apply:

  • The applicant must be a national of a country in which the United States has a treaty of commerce and navigation.
  • The applicant must have invested or presently investing in the company with a substantial amount of capital in a bonafide business in the United States.
  • The applicant should have the intention to develop and direct the investment enterprise.

If you are qualified, continue reading this article to fully understand the things you need when applying for an E2 visa.

What are the documents needed?

Moving on to the specifics, applying for an E2 visa requires a set of documents to process the access. If you used for another type of visa, you have undoubtedly encountered specific documents needed to process your application. Nonetheless, these are the things you will be needing:

  1. DOS Form DS-160 (Nonimmigrant Visa Application) and DOS Form DS-156E (Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader/Investor Application)
  2. Passport Copy for six months validity beyond your stay
  3. Passport Style Photograph showing your whole face and against a light background
  4. Outline of Future Investments (Business Plan)
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. Supervisory or Executive Capacity Evidence
  7. Possession and Control of Investments and Funds Evidence
  8. Establishment or Business in the United States Evidence
  9. Investor’s Nationality Evidence
  10. Substantiality Evidence
  11. Non-marginal Enterprise Evidence
  12. The Legitimacy of Business Evidence

These are the necessary documents required to apply for an E2 visa. It would be best to gather these papers before registering to reduce time consumption.

What are the expenses for E2 Visa?

When applying, considering the expenses, your payment is the best thing to prepare before doing so. An E2 visa application requires a specific amount of payment before your access can be processed. Usually, after paying the necessary amount, you will receive your visa after two weeks to four months. The following are the expenses you will encounter in applying:

  • The basic filing fee that costs $460, which you are obliged to pay every time you fill a petition, is essential.
  • Applicants outside the United States must pay $205 for consular processing.
  • The $85 Biometric Service Fee is required for applicants to pay.

The three are the most common expenses that applicants pay. However, if your spouse or a dependent will escort you, it will double the basic filing fee for every petition filled.


Applying for an E2 visa for business travels purposes requires a lot of time and certain documents necessary to process your E2 visa. Preparing ahead of time will save time, consumption, and money. It is best to know these things concerning your future investment travels.