What to Do if You’re Not Happy in Your Job

Most people would rather spend their lives pursuing their hobbies and enjoying time with loved ones than going to work every day. However, this doesn’t mean your job should be a source of misery and stress. Unfortunately, many of us get to a point where we’re no longer satisfied with the role we’re in, whether it’s as a result of low pay, missing opportunities, or lost interest. If you discover you spend more time stressing about going to work than you do actually feeling proud of your accomplishments or your role, this could be a sign it’s time to look for something new. However, before you start writing your resignation email, it’s worth taking the following steps. 

Find Out Why You’re Unhappy

First, it’s important to identify the cause for your unhappiness at work. People are unsatisfied by their work for a range of different reasons. Some of us feel we don’t have enough purpose or direction in the job we’ve been given, and we look for something more emotionally or spiritually fulfilling. Certain employees can’t stand working with their boss, or they feel their role isn’t inclusive enough. If you struggle to pinpoint specifics, consider working with a professional or even use your smartphone. There are several apps that will change your life if you utilize them correctly. If your unhappiness is caused by something you can potentially fix, like a lack of purpose or a lower than usual wage, then you might be able to talk with your boss to address the concern. Sometimes, discussing your options with your employer will fix the issue then and there. If the problem is you’re just not passionate about what you do, you may need to look for something new.

Set New Goals

With a clear view of what might be making you feel unhappy at work, you can begin to set smart and focused goals on how to eliminate the problem. If you decide you’re no longer interested by the role you work in, you might decide it’s time to pursue a new industry or a different type of career. This could mean you go back to college or earn a new degree. If you’re happy in your role, but you don’t like your boss, you might decide to launch your own business. By refinancing your existing student loan debt into a new loan, you can save some extra money you can use to launch your freelancing or contractor-based lifestyle. Some freelance jobs require very little initial investment to get started. 

Be More Mindful

Finally, once you’ve decided what you’re going to do to regain your sense of satisfaction and happiness at work, it’s important to ensure you maintain it. If you do decide to launch your own business, you should do your research beforehand and make sure you’re prepared for the stress on an emotional and financial level. Once you’re working in your new position or on your new targets, pay attention to how you feel each day, and ask yourself if you feel more satisfied. Be mindful of when you start to lose interest or passion in your career again, so you can either fix the problem, or look into new opportunities. It’s up to you to decide how you live and work.