What to consider when purchasing a platform lift

Accessibility is a massive public issue and making amenities, local hotspot and points of interest open to everyone regardless of disabilities is a big responsibility.

One of the easiest ways to improve accessibility is to improve access.

And one of the simplest ways of doing this, is to use a lift.

Lifts are great for both domestic and public uses, but it’s important you make the right decision and get the right lift for you.

There are a few things to consider like weight restrictions, cost and safety features you might need to add.

By using a reputable business to install your platform lift, you can be sure you’ll get a reliable service and product.

In this blog post, we’ll talk you through some of the questions you need to ask yourself when getting a lift installed, and why you need to go to a reliable company.

Here are a few tips on what you should do before getting a lift installed

Do your research

A lift isn’t exactly a small thing to get installed, so it’s important to have an understanding of what you need and why.

How many people will you need to fit in the lift?

  • If it’s in a home, you’ll have a clearer idea of who the lift is for and how many people will use it regularly.
  • If the lift is for a shopping centre or car park, you need to think about how popular it is and how many customers you get each day. You can then cater this to how big the lift will be and how many you’ll need to install.

Will you need wheelchair access?

  • If you require a wheelchair to fit in or on the lift, you’ll need a bigger platform to cater for this.
  • Providing a wheelchair friendly lift in a public space shows you’re thinking about your potential users. If it’s in a shop for example, this will bring in more potential customers as you’re catering for a wider audience.

How much space do you have available?

  • The size of the lift depends on the area and what space you have free to install one.
  • If you want a lift that caters for 20 people but only have space for one that fits 10, you’ll need to think about what other options you have available.

How many floors will it travel (enclosed/open)?

  • Open lifts are a great option for domestic use if you only need it to go up and down a couple of floors.
  • But if the lift is for public use it could be going over 20 floors, so you’ll need to keep this in mind.

How much can you afford?

  • There’s no point investing in the most expensive lift available if you can’t afford it.
  • If you have one installed in your home, is it going to be permanent or have you got it temporarily because of an injury?

What do you want it to look like?

  • If you’re having it for domestic use, you’ll probably want it to fit in with your home.
  • If it’s in public space with historical features, you don’t want it to contrast with the overall look of the building.
  • For both domestic and public use, there could be planning laws in places for installing a lift. To ensure you don’t break any of these laws, check if you need planning permission before booking an installation.

Do you require additional safety features?

  • Depending on what you’re using it for, you might need some extra features to make the lift as safe as possible.
  • These could include safety breaks, door sensors and emergency evacuation features.

Choose a reputable provider

When choosing a lift, it’s important you choose an appropriate company that understands your needs.

They can cost a lot of money, so you need to use a trustworthy service that’ll get the job done properly.

When you’re in the process of buying a lift, you’ll go through many stages before it actually gets installed, including price quotes and consultations to see which lift is right for you.

Reputable providers are made up of expert staff who know what they’re talking about and how to help you.

They should be able to answer any questions you have during the process and talk you through what to do and why when using the lift.

Arrange installation

After a quote is provided and both the customer and company are happy with what needs to be done, your lift(s) can be installed.

Whoever you choose to install your lift will do a full overview and demonstration of how it works before they leave.

This is so you know how everything works and what to do or who to call if something goes wrong.


Whether it’s for public or domestic use, it’s vital you get your lift checked regularly, to make sure it’s working how it should.

If you’ve had a lift installed at home, you want to make sure it works efficiently, especially if the user has a disability and lives alone.

Lifts in public spaces like shopping centres have heavy foot traffic all throughout the day, with even more during busy periods like Christmas.

Because of this, they need to be checked frequently to keep customers safe.

If you don’t maintain your lift in a public space, it could go against health and safety laws, so it’s best to get them checked regularly.

How to choose a reliable company

A lift is an investment, so you want to know it’ll be done right.

Level Lifts provide a high quality and friendly service that you can rely on.

Our team is fully trained to deliver a smooth and easy experience.

If you’re in need of a lift, whether it’s for your home or a large public place, get in touch now.