What Popular Dishes Are Made with Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu? 

Japanese beef cattle breed Wagyu originated from indigenous Asian cattle. All Japanese beef cattle are referred to as “Wagyu,” where “Wa” stands for Japanese and “gyu” for cow.

Wagyu were initially chosen for their physical stamina and were employed as draft animals in agriculture. Animals with more intramuscular fat cells, or “marbling,” which supplied a readily available energy supply, were favored by this selection. Wagyu can be either black or red in color and have horns by nature.

Highly marbled Wagyu beef has an unmatched flavor and softness that allow for an exceptional dining experience. Because of this, Wagyu beef is becoming more popular in American kitchens, fine dining establishments, and gourmet chefs’ menus.

Wagyu Beef: Delectable and Beneficial

Highly marbled Wagyu beef’s distinct flavor and tenderness combine to create an unparalleled dining experience. Because of this, gourmet chefs and upscale restaurants are beginning to incorporate wagyu beef into their menus.

It’s not just a culinary joy; it’s also good for you. Wagyu beef has a higher ratio of mono-unsaturated to saturated fat than ordinary beef, according to health experts. Additionally, the saturated fat in Wagyu is unusual; 40% of it is a type known as stearic acid, which is thought to have a negligible effect on elevating cholesterol levels. Wagyu beef with marbling has a higher nutritional value and is better for human health.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a kind of fatty acid, is also present in higher amounts in wagyu. Due to higher amounts of linoleic acid, Wagyu beef has the greatest concentration of CLA per gram of any diet – roughly 30% more than other beef breeds. Foods that are naturally high in CLA are less harmful to your health.

Wagyu Today

On March 14, 1990, the American Wagyu Association was established in Texas with the purpose of registering Wagyu cattle in the United States, Canada, and other nations. The Association, which has a thriving membership base and is headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho, continues to promote and grow a sustainable sector.

There are countless opportunities that Wagyu beef can present. Wagyu genetics offers seed stock farmers a crossbred alternative that will provide cow/calf producers with calving ease and premium carcass quality in a single cross, which no other beef breed can. These producers target the high-end restaurant trade with highly marbled meat.

Wagyu is essential to the modern beef market because it raises the standard of red meat supplied for picky consumers.

Wagyu Beef, the World’s Most Luxurious Steak

Wagyu beef is one of the best meats in the world. It is fatty, delicious, and occasionally misunderstood.

Why is Wagyu so expensive?

Wagyu is expensive. However, why is Wagyu beef so costly? The time it takes to rear cattle that provide A5 Wagyu is one of the causes. In contrast to American angus cattle, which are typically butchered at roughly 18 months, Japanese Wagyu breeds live for almost three years before being sent to the butcher. Additionally, Japanese cattle are fed a more expensive diet while they are living than their American counterparts, which contributes to the well-known rich marbling of A5 Wagyu. However, a portion of the cost can be attributed to economics 101 and the rules of supply and demand. According to the most recent USDA data, Japan has 2.5 million cattle whereas the United States has 91.9 million.

History of Wagyu in Japan

Although cattle have been present in Japan for thousands of years, the Wagyu that we are familiar with first emerged after the Meiji Restoration, which began in 1868 and brought Western influences to the country. Beef played a role in that influence, in part. Japan imported and crossed native stock with cattle from Korea, England, and continental Europe. Eventually, Tajima, Fujiyoshi, and Kedaka evolved as the three principal strains of black Wagyu. The red strains of Kochi and Kumamoto make up the remaining 10 percent of Japan’s herd. Japan ultimately came to realize what a valuable breed of cattle it had produced and eventually forbade the export of any of the animals, guaranteeing that only the best livestock remained in Japan.

History of Wagyu in the US

The flavor and tenderness of wagyu beef are well-known to be among the best.

The American Wagyu was created in 1976 when Morris Whitney imported four Wagyu bulls (called Mazda, Mt. Fuji, Rueshaw, and Judo) from Japan. Actually, it was created following the bulls’ crossbreeding with American Angus cattle.

In order to enable for the breeding of full-blooded Wagyu Stateside, four Black Wagyu females were eventually sent to the United States in 1993. In the years that followed, a few hundred more people arrived, and in 1997, the Japanese government declared the Wagyu breed of cattle to be a national treasure and outlawed its export. Therefore, American ranchers had to breed and grow livestock using genetic lines that had already been brought to the country.

As a result, there are currently roughly 5,000 full-blood Wagyu in the US, out of a total herd of about 40,000 Wagyu.

Australian Wagyu Beef’s Rise

The country with the biggest population of Wagyu cattle outside of Japan is Australia, not the United States. However, Australian beef is a crossbreed, like American Wagyu. The ultra-fatty A5 experience that comes from genuine Japanese beef is not available in Australia. However, it still has a good chance of having superior marbling than cattle who aren’t Wagyu crossbred. Additionally, the Wagyu is crossbred with angus in America, but Holsteins are typically used in Australia, resulting in meat that is more delicate and has a milder flavor than that of its American counterparts.

Additionally, one ranch in New Zealand breeds crossbred Wagyu cattle in a manner that differs significantly from that of the Japanese. Cattle from First Light are grass-fed, not grain-finished. Normally, grass-fed beef is much leaner, but this Wagyu’s extreme marbling still contributes enough fat to give you the best of both worlds—beefy grass-fed flavor with a level of marbling comparable to that of grain-finished beef.

Why Is How Wagyu Cows Are Raised Important?

Wagyu beef is traditionally farmed in Japan according to tight regulations that guarantee the best possible steak. However, more lately, it has also been discussed in other nations, such as Australia and the United States.

The prefectures of Hyogo, Okayama, and Kagoshima are the main places in Japan where Wagyu cows, commonly referred to as “Kobe beef” cows, are bred. To ensure that the greatest quality beef is produced, the raising of these cows is strictly regulated and controlled.

  • Food: The Wagyu cows’ food is strictly regulated and mostly consists of grains like corn and barley. 
  • Life Circumstances: Wagyu cattle’s life conditions are very strictly regulated. Cattle are raised in compact herds with lots of room to roam. 
  • Genetics: Wagyu cattle’s genetics are also carefully maintained. Only a few varieties of cattle are regarded as “true” Wagyu, and these types are coveted for their flavor and marbling. 
  • Traceability: To guarantee the high quality and authenticity of the beef, Wagyu cattle are also traceable from birth to slaughter.

Wagyu Beef: The Luxury Food

Wagyu beef is frequently referred to as having a rich, buttery, and delicate flavor. Other forms of beef rarely have a mouthfeel that melts in your mouth like this one does

Wagyu beef, that exquisitely tender, fatty, umami-rich steak, has come to be associated with riches, much like caviar or black truffles. No matter how many Michelin-starred menus this delicacy graces, even the most seasoned diners usually find it difficult to comprehend all the subtleties regarding wagyu beef.

When you’re in the mood for something soft and utterly scrumptious, try these Wagyu beef recipes. They are so opulent and tasty that they will make you feel regal.

One of the best meats in the world is undoubtedly wagyu, which has exquisite marbling that virtually melts in your mouth with each bite.

If you’ve never tasted Wagyu, don’t be put off by its fancy appearance; it’s quite simple to prepare.

Therefore, you should try these Wagyu beef dishes if you want to wow your family and friends and treat yourself to an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

1. Wagyu Steak 

This recipe is for you if you want to make a gourmet main dish for a particular person in your life.

Each steak has an unparalleled amount of buttery taste. And even though it appears difficult to produce, it’s not. 

To season and enhance the meaty, divine flavors, just add some salt. 

This, in my opinion, is the ideal way to prepare this pricey meat. Just a wonderful steak, no frills. Yum!

2. Wagyu Katsu Sandwich (Gyukatsusando)

This meal is regarded as one of the priciest sandwiches in the world, but you can now prepare it at home for a lot less money. 

This opulent sandwich is made with a Wagyu beef cutlet that has been deep-fried. 

Because of the beef’s marbling and the frying process, your sandwich will be both extremely tender inside and out. 

3. Burger Wagyu

Wagyu beef's fat has a low melting point, which makes it easily melt in your tongue and leave a savory, rich flavor behind.

You’re in for a tremendous treat if you’ve never had a Wagyu beef burger. 

You’ll never have more tasty or juicy burgers than these.

4. Grilled Wagyu brisket

You’re going to adore this brisket if you believe Wagyu steak to be the greatest available. 

The most incredible barbecue experience is produced by this recipe.

The ideal option is to use a smoker, such as a Traeger, which allows the meat to gently cook over oak pellets and develop a hint of char.

5. Delicious Corned Beef with Guinness in an Instant Pot

Get ready for a flavor combo you won’t soon forget. This Wagyu corn beef will make any fan of corn beef crazy. 

Because of the marbling, it is incredibly juicy and soft, which is ideal for a hot corned beef sandwich.

You might consider preparing it again for dinner if you serve it with Swiss cheese, mustard, and a side of pickles. 

6. Wagyu Meat Loaf 

This meatloaf is not like your mother’s. As a matter of fact, it might be the best home-cooked meal you’ve ever had. 

I understand that using such an expensive type of meat in meatloaf can seem wasteful, but I assure you that after just one bite, you’ll understand.

This recipe’s savory sweetness is what makes it so compelling. Additionally, it is rich in a variety of ways that will make you want more.

7. Stroganoff beef

Try this dish if you want to upgrade standard beef stroganoff. 

The mushrooms’ delicious umami flavor permeates every bite. And the earthiness of both nicely complements the flavorful beef.

Fresh herbs and heavy cream combine to make an amazing sauce.

What more could you really ask for?

8. Wagyu Ribeye 

A juicy and flavorful dream, this Wagyu ribeye recipe.

I think you should prepare this for yourself so you can savor every last bite without interruption, rather than hosting a dinner party.

It is served with a gravy that is a perfect replica of any sauce from a three-star Michelin restaurant and is made with red wine and bacon.

This is the dinner they had in mind when they said, “Treat yo self”!

9. Wagyū Steak Don

Wagyu steak is regarded as the highest-quality beef in the world, and for good reason—it has incredible flavor and remarkable marbling.

Adding juicy, marbled Wagyu beef steak and flavorful soy sauce to a rice bowl is called a “steak don.”

Give mac & cheese a run for its money with this quick and surprisingly simple dish. 

What else could you possibly want, in all honesty?

10. Wagyu Salpicao beef 

In this dish from the Philippines, Wagyu beef slices are combined with a flavorful nest of mushrooms.

Just a piece of French bread for dipping will do. However, it would taste much better if it was served over a bed of creamy polenta or mashed potatoes.

11. Burger made with Wagyu beef and caramelized onions

Okay, this Wagyu beef burger with caramelized onions looks amazing.

Along with the tender Wagyu beef, you also get melted aged white cheddar and a dollop of rich roasted garlic aioli.

You might agree that this is the finest burger you’ve ever had.

What more could you really ask for?

12. Dumplings with Wagyu Beef 

Everyone enjoys dumplings, right? Dumplings would be my go-to comfort food if I had to choose only one for the rest of my life.

The combination of the crispy yet tender surface with the juicy, meaty inside is incredibly delightful. 

The star of this dish is the exquisitely marbled Wagyu meat. It produces a mouthwatering bite that will transport you to another world. 

13. Sous Vide Wagyu

Put a sous vide on your birthday wish list if you haven’t already purchased one!

You won’t believe how tasty fall-apart meat can be made with such a basic tool.

Only two ingredients—Wagyu and sea salt—are required to make this wonderful gourmet dish.

The meat is perfectly cooked and tenderized by the vacuum sealer before being sealed.

14. Butter-basted Wagyu Sirloin Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce

Don’t you agree that butter improves everything? It explains why all of Paula Deen’s recipes are so fantastic.

If you can believe it, it even improves buttery Wagyu meat.

Although the combination of butter, mushrooms, Wagyu, and red wine seems straightforward, it has a lot of taste.

15. Wagyu Sukiyaki 

This classy recipe puts the spotlight on the mushrooms to provide an unmatched umami flavor.

This dish is for you if you want to try your hand at fancy dining.

16. Welsh Wagyu Beef Pie with Monty’s Ale

No longer must beef and ale pie be considered a dish for the underprivileged.

With the addition of Wagyu beef, this dish is upgraded to produce remarkable richness in every bite.

This is an edible masterpiece since it has a flaky dough crust and a sweet little flower carved on top. 

17. Osso Buco 

This classic dinner item from a restaurant is filling, opulent, and always in style.

It may seem difficult to enhance this classic dish, but that is exactly what this recipe achieves.

Wagyu beef shanks are used to provide even more flavor. Each taste is more decadent than the last, and the meat literally comes off the bones. 

18. Wagyu Steak with Heirloom Tomatoes and True Corn Pudding 

One recipe that belongs in a fine-dining establishment is this one. Even though it appears opulent, it’s simple to make at home.

This gorgeous dish just requires eight ingredients and 15 minutes of preparation.

But hey, if you feel like it’s lacking something comfortable, feel free to add a side of fries.

19. Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich   

You’ll just have to prepare this pastrami sandwich yourself because it’s difficult to put into words how delicious it is!

It makes use of the finest ingredients and gives you all your favorite flavors with a slight upgrade.

20. Yakiniku 

In the Japanese meal yakiniku, the meat is seared on a hot plate right before your eyes.

It’s the healthiest method to enjoy a fine cut of Wagyu beef, and it fills the dining room with mouthwatering fragrances.

21. Tandoori Wagyu Beef Kebabs

If you enjoy curry, you should definitely try this dish.

Curry’s tastes are amplified to perfection by wagyu beef, making for an amazing evening.

You should put these kebabs on your list of dishes to eat when you’re feeling daring.

22. Beef Tenderloin Tips with Mushroom Gravy

If you’re searching for a quick weeknight meal you can throw together at the last minute, try this beef tip dinner.

The ideal, luscious beef tenderloin tips drenched in a flavorful mushroom sauce may be made in just 30 minutes.

It is both very fulfilling and family-friendly.

23. Steak Tartare with Potato Chips

Read this recipe if eating raw beef makes you feel a little queasy. You’ll discover that it’s not only secure but also incredibly tasty.

The secret is to utilize the most recent grass-fed beef you can find. It is not only safer to eat, but it also tastes better.

The fine-dining experience can be replicated in your own kitchen admirably, as demonstrated by this dish. 


In conclusion, Wagyu beef is a really distinctive and mouthwatering variety of beef that is definitely worth searching out if you have the opportunity. The melt-in-your-mouth texture and creamy, buttery flavor make it a genuine delight for steak fans.

Be prepared to spend a premium price for Wagyu beef if you’re interested in tasting it for yourself. But once you experience the distinctive flavor of Wagyu steak, you’ll see why it’s so expensive.