What Makes Febi Car Parts So Popular Among The Car Owners?

FEBI has been making metal parts since 1844, which means it had over 40 years of manufacturing experience before the invention of the automobile. Spring bolt was produced, developed, and patented by Febi in 1921, entering the world of replacement automotive parts. Febi car parts are included in the kits due to their value, especially suspension components, one of their specialties. Febi costs lower than genuine but does not compromise quality. They have a triple checking system to check standards at each step of production and their parts are OEM quality.

Popular Febi Part Types

When it comes to popularity, there are many types that are extremely popular among enthusiasts. Febi is one of those manufacturers like Tooley imports that hits the sweet spot of the car owners. So some popular febi parts are –

  • Control Arm – Control arms are part of the vehicle suspension, which attaches the chassis of the car and the wheels together and manage handling, stability, and right quality of vehicle while driving. While there is no particular mileage needed to replace the vehicle’s control arms, the rubber bushings wear and get loose, so check them regularly.
  • Steering Tie Rod – Steering tie rod or track road connects vehicles steering rack to steering arm. They behave as pivot points between the steering system and wheel assembly. Whether the vehicle uses a steering box and pitman arm or rack and pinion system,  the steering tie rod transfers input to wheels. The outer end of the tie rod may be adjusted, permitting the length of the rod to change and the alignment to be corrected. As the ratio of tie rod’s length to width is high, the tie rod bends due to larger than compressive forces. It is better to check tie rods after a small collision or road hazard impact and replace them if part shows signs of deformation.
  • Stabilizer Bar Link – Suspension stabilizer bar, also called an anti-roll bar, anti-sway bar, or sway bar is used to decrease the body roll of a vehicle while cornering. Stabilizer bars stabilize the car while traveling over road irregularities at speed. They do it by behaving as a torsion spring, connecting opposite wheels together. The connection is made by a short-term called a stabilizer bar link. Ball joints at each end of the link join the stabilizer bar ends to outer control arms, allowing the suspension to move through a full range of motion.  An early sign of a worn-out stabilizer bar link is knocking noise in suspension while driving on bumpy roads. Warn links detach fully and result in unsafe car handling.
  • Strut Mount – The Strut Mount links suspension strut to vehicle and insulates the tire noise and vibrations from vehicle. Many front Strut mounts have a bearing or bearing plate that behaves as a steering pivot.
  • Engine Cylinder Head Bolts – People purchase a lot of cylinder head bolts and the popular brand is febi. Cylinder head bolts keep cylinder head sealed tightly against head gasket and block. They are holding back thousands of pounds of pressure, so it is critical to replace them when needed.


Febi has a span of quality levels not disclosed directly, from premium aftermarket original equipment. Be sure to get help from great options like this Car Garage in Tonbridge and others.  When we know the level we update the listing with information. Otherwise, the quality of febi parts should be assumed higher than most aftermarket, with a price point that reflects this.