What happens if I don’t hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Car accidents can be devastating. They are often unexpected and cause terrible injuries which may require extensive medical care. The number of drivers on America’s roadways continues to rise and so too does the number of serious car accidents daily.

The results of a car accident may include mental, emotional, and physical trauma which can require appropriate long-term medical care.

Most accident victims hire a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer to protect their interests after a car accident, especially if it was caused by another driver. Unfortunately, there are some victims who remain hesitant to retain counsel after these accidents. Waiting or failing to hire an attorney after a car accident is the worst choice a victim can make. Here’s why.

Chances of compensation are minimal.

After a car accident, especially one with serious personal injuries, insurance companies tend to get involved because they want to protect their interests. Insurance companies and their corporate lawyers often take advantage of an accident victim’s inexperience and ignorance of the law. Their job is to minimize or prevent a payout by the insurance company. They will often tell victims that their injuries do not reach the threshold for compensation, even when they know otherwise. Accident victims are often pressured into signing their rights away.

You Become financially responsible.

Accident victims who do not have the proper legal representation often have their rights trampled over and they become financially responsible for the accident. They must cover the cost of damages to their vehicle and many times another vehicle as well. This happens when the other party does retain council, even though they caused the accident.

Injured victims must also cover medical costs for their own injuries, which can be extensive. This can include surgery, rehabilitation, and extensive testing. If the opposing party sues, you may become financially liable for their injuries as well as any outstanding property damage resulting from the accident.

Leave yourself open to lawsuits.

When you don’t retain adequate council after a car accident, you leave yourself open to lawsuits. Even if another party caused the accident, they will often sue for pain and suffering, lost wages, and a whole lot more. They may take advantage of the fact that you don’t have representation protecting your rights.  Unscrupulous individuals see this as a financial opportunity since many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency. Accident victims without representation can get taken to the proverbial cleaners.

Call a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries, call a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer today. They can protect your rights as a victim while they maximize the value of your claim. An attorney will help ensure your injuries are paid for by the responsible party and you are compensated for damages. Don’t leave money on the table and don’t let greedy insurance companies take advantage of you. Let a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer help you navigate the legal system and get you the financial compensation you deserve today.