What does short-term production insurance cover? Find out here!

As a producer, it is your job to make sure everything runs smoothly. But just like anything in life, accidents can happen. So what do you do if you are unprepared for a film set? Unfortunately, if you have not prepared for an accident, you can end up spending thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to cover any damages or issues that happen on your set.

However, if you prepare for accidents – since accidents happen – you can prevent spending a fortune on replacing expensive equipment and covering for lost time. It is your responsibility to keep your equipment, crew, actors, props, and unique cameras from any issues – so make sure you take the proper steps to protect those under your wing.

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What is short-term production insurance?

If you’re a filmmaker who only wants to produce a video occasionally and you’re not in the studio every day, you may think it is in your best interest to skip on insurance altogether – however, this can lead to thousands of dollars in damages and virtually destroy any hope you had at making a movie. Instead, purchasing short-term production insurance ensures you are covered even on 1-day or 1-week shoots.

Short-term production insurance helps you protect your project or company from liabilities covered up to a specific value amount. For example, if you want to cover your cameras and film crew, you may purchase $1,000 – however, if you need to cover a much more extensive area with expensive equipment, you may purchase insurance up to $10,000.

Film producers must choose a policy that works for them. Since no two projects or film producers are alike, you need to decide which insurance works for your unique needs. Do you need short-term insurance covering any accidents or injuries on sets, or do you just need insurance that covers potential damage to equipment?

When choosing the type of insurance coverage you require for your project, short-term production insurance can help you be flexible – this type of insurance offers a wide range of coverage options that work for your date range and monetary state. Most policies will cover budgets of less than $1 million and up to 60 days.

If you plan to create projects like documentaries, training videos, animations, promotional videos, television series, reality series, commercials, or infomercials, purchasing short-term production insurance is the best way to ensure you are protected during the entirety of your project.

What does short-term production insurance cover?

  • Third-party property damage – This extension is an add-on for short-term insurance, covering any potential damage that occurred to another property that is not covered in your business or film set. If someone’s property is damaged, such as someone’s car, during the making of your reality TV series, this type of insurance will cover the damages.
  • Owned equipment – If you own an expensive camera that was broken during the filming of your television series, short-term production insurance can cover the fees.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – Workers deserve fair pay and payment for any injuries sustained during the set. If you need to pay for workers’ compensation, short-term production insurance can help you.


To be fully covered during the feeling of a television series or reality series, purchasing short-term production insurance is the best way to ensure you don’t spend thousands on the making of your project.