What Can I Use an Aluminum Ramp For?

Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair ramp or vehicle ramp, these devices are surprisingly versatile. Explore the ways you can use an aluminum ramp to cross a threshold, load up an ATV or change the oil in your car. Shop for highly rated options to keep your ramp safe.

What Are Aluminum Ramps Used For?

The type of ramp you choose helps determine the types of tasks it can help you safely take on. Consider your goals and pick up one of these common ramp types:

  • Car ramps
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Loading ramps

A car ramp is used to lift up the front of your vehicle. Instead of using jack stands, you can simply line up these two ramps, drive on them and park your car for a reliable lift. Change your oil or perform other front-end maintenance without worrying about jack failure or improper jack placement.

A wheelchair ramp helps you cross a threshold or avoid stairs in a wheelchair. These ramps maintain a safe slope to glide up to your doorway, vehicle or other area of your home.

Loading ramps connect to your truck bed or trailer to help you load up your gear or vehicles. Drive a recreational vehicle onto your trailer or park a motorcycle off the ground. With these ramps, you don’t need to attempt to lift your ATV, dirt bike or motorcycle off a trailer or truck.

What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Ramps?

Ramps come in a number of materials, but only aluminum offers corrosion-free convenience. Compared to steel or wood ramps, aluminum doesn’t rot, rust or need to be painted to be used inside and out. Invest in aluminum to avoid upkeep tasks or the risk of ramp failure.

What Is the Proper Slope For a Wheelchair Ramp?

The proper slope for aluminum ramps not only keeps you safe, but makes it comfortable to move a wheelchair up and down the ramp. In homes, the slope can be up to 3:12.

A 15 degree slope, however, is too steep for public or commercial use. In these situations, ADA requires it to remain at 5 degrees of incline, or 1:12 slope. Any more than this may be dangerous to attempt to use in a wheelchair or scooter.

Are Car Ramps Better Than Jack Stands?

Unless you plan on doing complex tasks like removing an axle, then car ramps offer a more affordable and convenient alternative to jack stands. Choose ramps if you need to perform simple tasks with peace of mind. In these situations, ramps are better than jack stands.

For more complex tasks, then you may need to set up jack stands. These items are usually more expensive and difficult to set up safely, but hold your vehicle by the frame rather than the tires.

Where Can I Get Aluminum Ramps?

Shop online to compare lengths and uses of aluminum ramps. Don’t settle for the wrong size, design or material for your use, but enjoy long-lasting options that help you stay safe in your home or on the job. Explore your options online and see what customers have to say about ramp options.