What Bonuses are Offered at Vera and John Casino?

It is normal for almost all online casinos to give out bonuses and rewards every now and then, as the incentives and free gifts are what encourage their players to play more on their website. However, there are a few online casino websites that provide much more bonuses compared to the average casinos, and one of these casinos is Vera and John.

Vera and John Casino is a renowned online casino that was founded in 2010 by Jörgen Nordlund and Dan Andersson. Because Vera and John have been operating since 2010, the website is considered as one of the “veterans” in online gambling, as they belong to the few that served as pioneers of the booming i-gaming industry on the website. Besides being a veteran in the industry, there are still many things to know about Vera and John, and these things could also be the reasons why the website is still quite popular today. One of these reasons is that they provide their players more bonuses than normal. To know more about these bonuses, here is a list of the bonuses that Vera and John Casino offers to players.

Welcome Bonus

The first type of bonus that you will get once you create an account on Vera and John Casino is the welcome bonus, which is given to players that have just logged in for the first time after making their account on the website. The welcome bonus is actually common in trusted online casinos, as they give this type of bonus to new players in order to entice them to play more games on the website without depositing a lot of money on their first few days of playing.

On Vera and John Casino, the number of welcome bonuses you will get will increase if you deposit cash for the first time on your digital wallet. The bigger your deposit is, the bigger the welcome bonus will get. So, if you plan on playing in Vera and John, make sure you have the budget for depositing to your digital wallet so that you can take advantage of the casino’s welcome bonus.

Deposit Bonus

Another common type of bonus you will receive on most trusted online casinos is the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is offered to players that have deposited money on their digital wallet, but the difference between this bonus and the welcome bonus is that the former can actually be activated every time you deposit, unlike the latter that can only be activated once.

Much like the welcome bonus, the number of deposit bonuses you will get will depend on how much money you deposited into your digital wallet. The percentage of the deposit bonus varies on Vera and John, as it would sometimes be 50% of the money you deposited, while there may be instances that it will be 100%. Make sure to follow the latest news updates on one of the best online casino sites for Japanese players to see how much deposit bonus the website gives for certain days of the week.

Bonus Cups

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Bonus cups work similarly to deposit bonuses, but the difference is that bonus cups have a fixed amount of bonus given to players. So, if you deposited money to your digital wallet while activating a bonus cup, you will only be given a specific amount of bonus for depositing money. Bonus cups are quite common in Vera and John, so you can use them whenever you want to if you are planning to deposit money.

Spin Credits

Spin credits are the bonuses that you will get and can only use in certain games on Vera and John. So, to put it simply, spin credits are exclusive to some of the games on Vera and John Casino, so they cannot be used in all of the games present on the website’s games library.

Much like bonus cups, spin credits usually have a fixed value, so the number of credits you get will be unchanged no matter how many tokens or coins you use on the game or how much money you deposit. If you only play the games on Vera and John that use spin credits, then this type of bonus is perfect for you. However, if you play the ones that don’t have spin credits, then they may practically be useless in those games. Play games that have spin credits so that you can use this bonus if ever you are given one.

Free Spins

Free spins work the same way as spin credits since they can also only be used in certain games on the Vera and John Casino website, but the difference is that there are a lot more games that use free spins compared to spin credits. These free spins are typically used for slot machines so that you will be given extra rounds or games on the digital machines for free without using tokens or coins. Free spins are sometimes given by Vera and John, but they can also be purchased in the website’s online shop for a fixed price.

Those are the bonuses that are provided by Vera and John Casino for their players. With so many bonuses given away for free or for doing easy tasks like depositing money, your account wouldn’t lack in bonuses that you can use to play games basically for free. Collect these bonuses once you create an account on Vera and John and enjoy their benefits.