What Are the Many Benefits of Using Self Storage in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city which is located in Pennsylvania State, which is in the U.S. It is the second-most populous city in the U.S. This city is famous for numerous things. The independence hall in this city is a UNESCO world heritage site. This hall Is the birthplace of the United states constitution. Again, liberty bell is quite famous in this city. This bell depicts American independence. Before many years people used this bell to call everyone for meetings.

The mouth-watering roll filled with cheese and beef, i.e., cheesesteak, is quite a famous street food in Philadelphia. Apart from it, it has several museums to explore.

The education facility in this city is quite good. Students from different parts of America come to this city to study in various schools and colleges.

More than 6 million people stay in this city. Again people from different parts of America or from abroad visit from time for various purposes.

It’s pretty good that so many people are staying in this city. On the other hand, most people face one problem, i.e., lack of adequate space to keep your belongings.


Self-storage means you need to store your items in space safely. The personal space can be room, lockers, garage, outdoor space, and others. Self-storage Philadelphia has numerous advantages. For example, it is pretty beneficial to the retailer. He can store various products in bulk in self-storage.

Need of online self-storage services

As maximum people are staying in Philadelphia, the rates of the apartment are skyrocketing. Most of the apartments are luxurious, but they do not have adequate space. Again it’s tough for everyone to pay a high amount as rent. So, online self-storage services are the best option for them.

Some businessmen flock to the city just for few hours or a day or two. Booking a lodge to keep your belongings will involve a lot of money. Again carrying a bag and baggage everywhere is just impossible. So, they can choose online self-storage services to store their bags.

Travelers flock to this city to enjoy the snow in winter and to visit various places in Philadelphia.

It’s pretty difficult for them to drag their bags everywhere. Luxurious lodges will involve a lot of money. These people can opt for online self-storage services.

Advantages of Online self-storage facility

  • Safety – Safety is the first criteria of these online self-storage services. All the spaces are thoroughly checked and verified. Usually, the majority of the online storage services are equipped with CCTV cameras for additional security.
  • Affordable price – When people opt for conventional storage to store their belongings, they have to pay more money. Even your luggage or any of your belongings are not safe. In online self-storage services, you need to pay just half of what you are paying for conventional self-storage. If someone wants to store his items for a longer duration, then they give discounts.
  • Insurance coverage – Online storage services provide insurance facilities. They provide insurance coverage of around $25000. These services try their best to protect your items.
  • Weather conditions – Suppose you are traveling somewhere and suddenly the weather conditions changed. It started raining. Then you suddenly need storage space to store your items. The online storage services provide temperature-controlled storage, humidity-controlled, or a combination of both.
  • Accessibility – In some online storage services, you can access your belongings 24 hours and seven days, while a few are restricted for some days in a week or only weekends.
  • Online booking – You can book online just by sitting in your home or office. You need to visit their website and type your Pincode. Now, you can view all the storage services near you. The websites are user-friendly.
  • Free cancellation: Suppose you have already booked the online storage services. All of a sudden you changed your mind. Now you don’t want to keep your baggage or any items in that storage service. So, you need to cancel the booking. For cancellation, almost all online storage services don’t charge any money.

How to find an online storage service?

  • One need to log into the website of online storage services
  • Enter the name of location and Pincode of the area
  • A location map will be visible
  • Now you can view all the self-storage facilities near your location
  • You can click on any self-storage units to know about it in detail
  • If you have any query call on the helpline number
  • If you like their service make booking
  • After booking, be in touch with the owner.
  • Have a discussion and finalize the self-storage space that suits you.

Steps to be done after finalizing Livelyt self storage service

  • Pack your belongings – Pack all your belongings carefully. It would help if you used bubble wrap to pack your breakable items. You can use blankets to cover wooden furniture or mattresses.
  • Label the package – You need to label the box because you will keep it outside your storage items. It will be away from you. By labeling, you can easily find what things are there in each package.
  • No perishable items – You should not store perishable items. It will rot within few days and lead to a pungent smell.
  • Use the storage efficiently – You should use the self-storage space provided by these services efficiently. One should keep the heavier boxes first and then lighter parcels on top of it.
  • Don’t store valuable items – You should not store any valuable items like a passport, certificates, gold, or any other ornaments. Despite all the online storage services are safe and secured, a one percent chance that someone may steal the valuable item. So, it is better not to keep such things there.
  • Take help – If you find difficulty moving your bags or any items, you can take help from your near and dear ones.


Self-storage has become a necessity for everyone. Many people prefer Livelyt self storage to store their belongings because they give 100 percent satisfaction to the customer. But there are other online storage services in Philadelphia. You can choose any of them to store your items.