What Are the Different Types of Fouls in Basketball?

If you play the basketball game, then there is a chance that you have gotten tired of hearing the referee’s whistle at some point in time. Then, you look up at the digital scoreboard and realize that another foul has been called. At the same time, there are multiple types of fouls in basketball. To adequately understand what is going on, you need to be familiar with every kind of foul. That way, you will be able to understand the impact of that foul on the game. Take a look at some of the most common types of fouls in basketball below!

The Common Foul

The most common type of foul in basketball is called a common foul. A common foul takes place when two players make excessive physical contact. The foul takes place while the ball is in play or when the ball is about to be inbounded. If a common foul is charged, the player who is called for the foul picks up a personal foul. Then, the team is charged with a foul as well. If a team picks up too many common fouls during a quarter or a half, the other team enters something called a bonus. Then, if another foul takes place while the other team is in the bonus, that team will be awarded free throws even if the foul did not occur in the act of shooting.

The Shooting Foul

Another common type of foul that takes place in basketball is called a shooting foul. A shooting foul is the same as an ordinary foul; however, this comment file has taken place while the other player was in the act of shooting. If one player fouls another player while that player is in the active shooting, that player is awarded two free throws from the free-throw line. When a player is shooting free throws, the other team to not interfere with the free throw or block it in any way. Of note, if a shooting foul takes place and the shot goes in the basket anyway, the player is still awarded an extra free throw. If a foul occurs while the player is shooting a three-point shot, that player is awarded three free throws.

The Technical Foul

A technical foul is a foul that is called outside of the run of play. There are numerous reasons why a player might be called for a technical foul. The most common cause of a technical foul is an emotional outburst. For example, a player may utter an audible obscenity. Or, a player may throw the ball into the stands. There are some situations where players may be awarded a technical foul for arguing with the referee. Of note, a coach can also be called for a technical foul if he or she exits the coaching box or argues with the referee excessively. Depending on the league, a technical foul may result in one or two free throws for the other team. It is common in basketball record boards.

The Flagrant Foul

Finally, there are situations where a player may be charged with something called a flagrant foul. A flagrant foul takes place during the run of play. A flagrant foul is called if contact is deemed excessive or has the risk of hurting somebody. If the contact is also considered intentionally trying to injure a player, the player committing a flagrant foul may also be ejected. If a flagrant foul is committed, the other team gets to shoot two free throws and get the ball back.