Wendell Elvis Vaughn as Quasar

Wendell Vaughn was a highly capable S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, although his superiors considered him unfit for fieldwork. They deemed him as an agent that lacked the necessary “killer instinct” or the will to win at all costs. As an agent, his first task is to make a security detail for the research facility where a group of scientists conducted Quantum Band experiments taken from the deceased Crusader. A test pilot was chosen to wear the Quantum Bands and prove impressively effective in handling them. However, he eventually dies when the production of energy reaches a critical mass beyond his control.

Vaughn first wore the bands when a criminal A.I.M scientist had launched an attack on the facility. He repulses the attacks by using the Quantum Bands’ strength to produce strong energy. Surprisingly, when the energy surge threatens to overpower him, he simply tries to relax, and the buildup receded abruptly. Vaughn then discovered that the versatility of will, rather than an indomitable one, is the secret to manipulating the bands. In the end, his lack of a killer instinct makes him the suitable wielder of the Quantum Bands. Wendell Vaughn then becomes a superhero, using the codename Marvel Boy in his first appearance along with the superhuman agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He later becomes Marvel Man before finally settling on the superhero name, Quasar.

Subsequently, during a trip on space to discover the origin of the Quantum Bands, Quasar was contacted by the guardian of Cosmic Awareness known as Eon. He appointed Quasar, the Universe Protector, with the task of preventing his assassination. Although Quasar failed to save Eon, he had succeeded in stopping his killer, Maelstrom, from disintegrating the universe into a giant black hole.Later in the series, he fights Moonstone and the Corporation together with Captain America, the Falcon, and the Hulk. He also combats the original Deathlok, Nuklo, the Grapplers, and the Nth Man.

Quasar’s Comic Appearances

Wendell Elvis Vaughn, also known as Quasar, is a superhero that appears in comic books published under Marvel Comics. Quasar is one of the superheroes that frequently travel in space and other dimensions. He first appeared as Marvel Boy in issue #217 of the Captain America series released in January 1978. Aside from that, he continues to appear as a guest in the comic series, including The Incredible Hulk, Marvel Two-in-One and Avengers. In April 1979, Quasar was revamped and subsequently re-debuted in The Incredible Hulk issue #234.

In October 1989, Quasar received a series of the same name, written by Mark Gruenwald and together with the artists, Paul Ryan and Danny Bulanadi. This Quasar series crossed over with the series, including Operation: Galactic Storm, Infinity Gauntlet, and The War of Infinity.During the next several years, Quasar occasionally appeared in some of the comic series. Some of his appearances were in the Star Masters 1996 miniseries, Cosmic Powers Unlimited, and Silver Surfer Volume 3, issue #123. Aside from that, he also appeared in the miniseries of Avengers: Infinity, Maximum Security in 2000, and Fantastic Four issue #521 to issue #524 in 2006.

Following his previous appearances, Quasar died in Annihilation: Nova, a four-issue miniseries that runs from June to September 2006. However, Quasar appeared as a spirit in Annihilation: Conquest: Quasar issues #1 to #4, written by Christos Gage in 2007. In the one-shot Realm of Kings in 2009, the character regained a physical form. He also played a role in The Thanos Imperative in 2010. In addition, Quasar took over the team leader role in Annihilators issue #1 to #4 and Annihilators: Earthfall, both in 2011.

Superpowers and Abilities

Quasar’s Quantum Bands allow him to manipulate all types of energy, create giant weapons, force fields, as well as protective armor suit. Aside from these, the bands allow him to fly, generateprotection from telepathy attacks, and to create portals to teleport into the Quantum Zone.

In the comic series, Quasar also has the following superpowers:

Communications: The bands can track, transmit, and receive radio waves, thereby allowing the bearer to communicate with other radio receivers. These bands can also generate a “Quantum-link.” This Quantum link appears as a glowing golden sphere about 2 inches in diameter that can travel and connect with any communication device. With this, the bearer can have instantaneous communication even over inter-galactic distances.

Modified Metabolism: With the use of Quantum bands, the bearer will be able to improve his strength and stamina to unknown limits. However, Quasar only exhibits his skills when it was required. Once, Quasar reportedly restrained She-Hulk in a battle.

Teleportation: The bands also allow the wearer to create apertures between the space and time and access the realm of potential energy known as the Quantum Zone. The band bearer can now travel physically on a place that is light-years away from his starting position. With the use of the bands, Quasar is able to cross countless light-years from just a single jump. He is also reportedly traveling daily from one galaxy to another.