Ways to Overcome Gambling Addiction

Gambling is one of the most popular recreational activities that people turn to when they are bored or are looking for fun. In the present time, it is easier for most people to gamble because many casino games are available and easily accessible online. It means that it is very easy for gamblers today to play their favorite casino and betting games.

When it comes to gambling, Japan is one of the countries that are known to have strict laws. However, even if their government has banned any type of gambling, their country still cannot escape the issue of Japanese gambling addiction. Being addicted to gambling is not just an issue in Japan but in the whole world, and stopping it can be extremely difficult.

In the United States, about 10 million people, which is 2.6% of the population, have gambling problems or have experienced challenges that are associated with gambling. It can actually happen to anyone who chooses to engage in gambling activities, whether physically or online. Even those who are looking into saving money cannot realize immediately that they are spending too much on gambling. Others, on the other hand, are aiming to stop gambling completely as they have lost control, and it has been causing huge problems in their lives. When you take a look at some Japanese internet casino information, people in Japan are likely experiencing the same things.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling addiction and needs help, reaching out to a counselor is one of the best things you can do. You can also read on to learn some ways that may help overcome gambling addiction.

1. Try to plan ahead to avoid feeling bored

Most of the people who have been addicted to internet casino gaming usually struggle with periods of boredom in their lives. Therefore, it is better if you can plan your days to avoid being tempted to fill the empty space through gambling. Based on studies, most people who are suffering from addiction to gambling have a low threshold for boredom. When they are faced with a task that they do not like, they will avoid it or turn to find another one that they would be interested in. 

2. Let go of common gambling misconceptions

Gambling is different from other forms of gambling because it relies on the force of random reinforcement. Since rewards are given randomly, players can develop distorted thoughts about their level of control over the outcome. This force can be very powerful for someone who had an early big win in gambling, especially on the internet casino.

If you want to overcome gambling addiction, you need to let go of common myths in gambling, such as having a system for winning, the idea of winning your money back, and feeling lucky. All of these fallacies only promise people a sense of control and hope for a better future. However, these are illusions that only do the opposite of what they promise. 

3. Exclude yourself or search for a gambling blocker

Another way to overcome gambling addiction is choosing the option to ban yourself from casinos and block yourself from online casino sites. Excluding yourself from any gambling activity provides an immediate deterrent, and it allows you to create new habits. Today, since gambling is everywhere, many people can easily enter online casinos. To avoid this, you can also use apps that block all gambling-related content online. These types of apps can be installed both on your computer or mobile devices.

4. Try to find other activities that will replace gambling

When you commit to changing your habits, it is better if you can find healthy replacements for gambling. Since it used to take much of your time, self-excluding may result in feeling bored and might fuel your desire to gamble again. Try to think about the things you used to enjoy before gambling took over. If these activities are no longer appropriate, you can consider trying out new hobbies or maybe learn a new skill. When you find something enjoyable, it can help you forget about gambling completely.

5. Identify the things that trigger your gambling urges

a figurine of a person gambling

It may also help if you can identify your gambling triggers. Try to notice the places, things, or maybe people that make you desire to gamble automatically. It can be a specific route on your drive, a particular group of friends, or access to a certain device. There are people who visit gambling venues due to their friends who are also into gambling. It may be a healthy form of social connection but may lead to gambling addiction.

You can also identify the specific things that trigger your gambling. Once you have identified these factors, try to come up with ways to avoid them. Maybe you can choose to take new routes when going home or consider getting a non-smartphone or one that cannot access the internet. 

6. Seek professional help or gambling-specific counseling

If you want to get back control over your gambling, getting help from professionals can truly help. There are mental health and addiction professionals that may help you with your problem. In addition to that, are also dedicated gambling counselors that you can reach out to who specialize in this specific area or issue. They can provide you with specific advice on how you will be able to overcome your gambling addiction.

These are some of the ways we can recommend that may help overcome gambling addiction. If you are into gambling, always remember that you should only do it for fun and entertainment. If you feel like it is getting out of hand or you’re beginning to experience problems like losing all your money and having large debts because of gambling, then you need to stop. If you think you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling addiction, do not be afraid to ask for help.