Unusual Travel Tips that Actually Work

Whether you are a seasoned world traveler or this is actually your first time going out of the country, you have to admit that traveling in other lands can be unpredictable.

That is why it is better to be prepared. Make sure that you have read authentic and up-to-date information about the country you’re going to visit. To further prepare yourself for the best travel experience possible, we have compiled some of the unusual and unique travel tips that you should consider before you go:

1. Board early

The consequences of boarding too late – your luggage might find no more space in the overhead bin and end up instead getting redirected to cargo. This means that it will take much longer for you to get off the plane. And nobody’s got any time for that.

2. Carry a pen

This might be a no-brainer, but we tend to forget those little things that we actually need the most. So, always carry a pen when you take an international flight. You may be required to fill out a customs form – and more often than not, they do not have pens at the airport or on the plane. It doesn’t take up a lot of space for a pen, does it?

3. Read a travel guidebook from the cover to cover

Sure, there are travel blogs and “vlogs” that will take you on a virtual tour of your desired destination country, but there’s a charm in reading travel guidebooks. And believe it or not, they’re still helpful; in fact, they’re better than blogs in many ways. Reading a guidebook allows you to learn history and culture, helping you gain a better understanding and appreciation to your destination country. Travel guidebooks typically detail the holidays, festivals, events, and attractions in a way that those travel bloggers and so-called “influencers” don’t know much of.

The problem with travel guidebooks, though, is that they’re usually bulky. So, if you’re a minimalist packer, read the physical version at home first before you go. Or, bring travel guide e-books on your tablet or Kindle.

4. Wash your clothes wherever you’re staying

Admit it: hotel laundry fees are driving you insane! You might as well do the washing by yourself. Not only will it save you money, but it will also save you from hanging around the hotel waiting for the dryer to buzz. Load up on laundry detergents in travel-size packs or Tide pods before you go.

5. Pack some baby wipes

Baby wipes are not just for babies! They will be your life-saver. If you’re too jet-lagged to take a shower as you arrive at your hotel room, baby wipes are an instant way to get you feeling fresh for a time.

6. Screenshot your digital boarding pass

Make sure that you have a screenshot of your digital boarding pass ready to avoid slowing down the line at the airport. It’s better than trying to catch the airport’s WiFi just to fish out your digital boarding pass from your e-mail.

7. Bring a duct tape

Yes, you read that right! The purpose of bringing a duct tape to your travels is to avoid theft. If you’re traveling with a DSLR camera or any other fancy electronic gadget, tape it off. That way, your expensive items will appear broken and can deter potential robbers from stealing them.

8. Bring bar shampoo and conditioner

Bar shampoos and conditioners will be a life-changer for any traveler. It’s great for the minimalist backpackers, too! Check out the following reasons why you should switch to these products:

  1. Bar products won’t explode in your bag as bottled shampoos and conditioners do;
  2. They don’t take up too much space;
  3. They can almost last as long as a full bottle;
  4. You can store them in your carry-on bag instead of your luggage;
  5. They are environment-friendly as they don’t use plastic bottles. Go for the products made with natural and biodegradable ingredients.

9. Go to local McDonald’s, Starbucks and 7/11

Yes, you read that right, too! Since fast-food chains and convenience stores are everywhere in the world, you’d think that they’re offering pretty much the same menu as McDonald’s or 7/11 back home. Not so.

One of the best ways to acclimatize yourself to the local culture is to have a taste of their cuisine. Visiting the local McDonald’s, Starbucks and 7/11 is a part of that culture exploration. It’s fun, too, to compare the local menu items to the ones back home, and you might find unexpected favorites. Seriously, why don’t we have Coke McFloat, McLobster, fluffy pancakes sold in packs and Maple Macchiato in the US?

10. Get the best travel advice from Reddit… for free!

Reddit may be the last place you can think of when it comes to getting travel tips, but it is actually the best place! Before you go, post your rough itinerary on Reddit travel (https://www.reddit.com/r/travel/) and get unique and awesome tips from the people who have actually been to the countries you’re visiting.

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