Ultimate Guide: Buying Powered Speakers

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Most people would love to hear their favorite songs and, occasionally, dance or sing along with them. This is why we need good speakers to make listening more fun.

However, studying audio takes time, so most people use powered speakers. Some people wonder if connecting powered speakers to receiver is essential; others don’t mind it anymore. They just plug in their music player and enjoy their favorite songs.

Powered speakers have built-in amplifiers, so you don’t need to connect them to a receiver. You just need to plug it into a socket or a battery, and it’ll work.

Most models are also small, making transporting and moving around the house easier. You can easily place them anywhere, including your home entertainment system. Other models also have a plug for an active subwoofer, giving you a richer bass sound.

Since it has many advantages, you might think that buying a pair is a straightforward process. Although it could be simple to purchase one, it’s still best to consider some factors.

This article will give you all the details you need to consider when buying powered speakers.


Wattage is an integral factor when it comes to choosing any speaker. Keep in mind that the higher the wattage is, the more detailed sound it could give you. So if you use the speakers in a large room, you must consider the wattage.

For instance, if you would place it in your media or entertainment room, you’d most likely need powered speakers with larger wattage.

Another reason you should consider the wattage is that it provides more control over the sound, allowing you less distortion.

On the other hand, if you use the speakers for a smaller area, such as your bedroom or a mini studio, smaller wattage is fine as the sound would only travel a smaller distance.


Although powered speakers are usually compact, the size still matters. Generally, larger active speakers provide more control as they have a more accurate frequency response. This means getting larger speakers for bigger rooms would be much better.

On the other hand, getting a huge speaker can be a waste of money if you’d use it for smaller spaces. Not only would it take up much room, but you won’t be able to maximize its power and performance.

The best approach is to choose a pair of speakers matching the room’s dimensions. It should not eat much space and can be placed easily without being a bother.

If you’re going to use them for personal use, a smaller one would probably suffice.

Sound Quality

When you talk about the quality of sound you want your speaker to produce, you need to separate its loudness; sound quality and loudness are two different things.

You must ensure that the speaker you’re buying can handle the sound or certain elements, such as the bass. Remember that if it’s too loud, it could damage the speakers and even hurt your ears, giving you a ringing sound or tinnitus.

The best way is to try the speakers yourself before buying them, or you can get ideas from reputable sources on the internet. We don’t recommend watching or listening to reviews over the internet, especially if the content just lets you hear the sound. The sound would differ depending on the speaker or headset you’re using.

Accessories and Features

When buying powered speakers, you might as well want to consider buying accessories to maximize their performance. Similar to most devices, such as phones, speakers have accessories.

Most models have a slot to plug in a powered subwoofer, allowing you more bass.

You can also purchase acoustic foams to make your room better for audio, making the sound quality much better. Speaker covers are also perfect as they can make your sound system more personalized and, at the same time, keep them safe even when you travel with them.

Speaker covers can help your equipment be safe from dust. It’ll maximize its lifespan and avoid early breakage. They’ll also save you time from cleaning as they are protected from debris.

Adding speaker stands can help with the visual appearance and sound quality if you have extra room. You’d be able to direct the sound coming from the speakers.

Choose The Right Powered Speakers For You

After considering the above, you can easily decide which speaker is perfect for your needs. Make sure the size fits perfectly in the room and the wattage. The sound quality should be excellent, especially if you’re paying a high price. It would be best if you also considered getting accessories to enjoy the music more.

The only option left would be the make and model and, of course, the budget. Powered speakers come in various price ranges, so make sure to find the best one that fits your lifestyle, room, and budget.