Types of CyberAttacks and How To Protect Yourself From Cyberattacks.

In the recent years, you must have come across the terms “cybercrimes” “cybercriminals” and “cybersecurity” a lot. In the business industry, we emphasize a lot on cyber security.

As internet becomes a safer space every passing day, the industries evolve too. You will notice that most of your daily life chores are now possible through online channels. Whenever you want to shop for anything, there are businesses available online at your service. However, as every good thing comes with some catch, unfortunately, so does the internet. Since businesses profit and benefit the most from the Internet they are also the ones that are at the most risk. These risks are also called “cyberattacks”.

What Are Cyberattacks?

An unauthorized (successful or unsuccessful) attempt at accessing your data, network, devices, etc, through foul manners and channels is called a cyber attack. There are several types of cyberattacks that your data is exposed to. However, businesses are the most preferred targets of cybercriminals. Since the main medium of a business and business-related activity is stored online, and businesses are usually the easiest targets for criminals.

As an organisation, a firm, a brand, or a company, most of your data is stored on computer systems. If malicious software attacks even a single computer within an organisation, all computers of the company are automatically at high risk of getting attacked as well. What your brand needs is a good cybersecurity company to protect your network against such attacks. Get  ISO27001 Certification Service – Loop Secure to ensure a strong wall of regulated cybersecurity around your system that keeps all foul means out. Moreover, ISO 27001 is a great and effective strategic tool that is guaranteed to tackle any challenge. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

In What Ways Can My Data Be Attacked?

To understand why you need cybersecurity, you need to be aware of what threats you are exposed to.  Its also important to increase cybersecurity in your business.


Phishing is the most common and easiest type of cyber attack that you will find among cyber crimes. This practice involves sending emails that resemble a trusted source or sender address that a receiver usually doesn’t think much of before opening. Once the user opens the email, the virus contained in the email sneaks into the device and gains access to your data.


Malware or malicious software is an unwanted software installed in your device without you consenting to it. Most of the time, users are not even aware of the malware’s presence in their systems. Thisthe malware then leaks your data to the hacker.

DoS attack

A DoS attack usually targets a system of computers rather than just one computer. In a DoS attack, the server is usually overwhelmed with traffic such that it is unable to respond to servers. It is launched by a large number of malware-affected host machines.

Eavesdropping attacks

This attack refers to the interception of network traffic by a third party. An eavesdropping attack usually occurs to get your passwords, and your personal information such as credit card numbers etc.

In addition to these individual protective measures, adopting a strategy like Collective Defense can significantly enhance cybersecurity, allowing for shared threat intelligence and coordinated response among businesses and cybersecurity entities.