Top Weapons in the Literature World

One of the most popular interests of teens and even adults is literature. With fantasy creatures and creations, the world of literature is quite creative and expands beyond different adventures for the readers. Perhaps the most interesting element of the literary world is the weapons which include many imaginary ones with extraordinary capabilities.  

Top Weapons in the Literature World

The Wand of Harry Potter

If we talk about one of the strongest weapons in the literary world, it would be The Wand of Harry Potter. The legacy of this wand extends from the first part to the last part where it gets revealed that this wand is not an ordinary one rather it has extraordinary capabilities due to its unique making structure. The most important element of this wand was that it had a phoenix feather core which was donated by Albus Dumbledore’s Phoenix. 

The reason why the wand of Harry Potter is of high significance is that it has been of importance throughout the series. Without this wand, the character of Harry Potter would have remained insignificant and the story might not have been the same. Moreover, Tem Riddle’s Wand and Harry Potter’s Wand are said to be wand brothers. It was made of wand core and wood with the overall texture being nice and supple. 

Ice Sword

One of the best things about the famous show “Game of Thrones ‘ is the Ice Sword. This sword has been considered as the one being made with Valyrian Steel and also considered as the heirloom of House Stark. From Season 1 to Season 8, we have seen the sword being used in various ways. It is first shown by the character Eddard Stark, who uses the sword to behead a deserter from Night’s Watch. 

The most interesting part about this sword is that it has not been in one person’s use throughout the season rather the users change quite often but eventually, in Season 8, we see that Ice Sword is returned back to Winterfell. As far as the book version is concerned, we see that Tobho Mott, who is a blacksmith, turns the Ice Sword into two smaller ones as per Tywin’s order. Similarly, in the season, we see that the sword is reforged into two swords named Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper. 


Star Trek is one of those series that became a global hit. Although it originated in the 1960s and was considered a failure, in the beginning, it soon became successful and became multi-billion-dollar merchandise as well. Among the many weapons of Star Trek, the Phaser was one of the most popular ones. It is a common weapon and uses a continuous beam to discharge pulsed energy onto the target object. 

Phaser is a weapon that can be adjusted as per the requirements of the user. The users of this weapon could modify the area of effect as well as the output of the pulsed energy. As a result, this weapon becomes useful not only for eliminating targets but also for uses such as welding torches or even cutting tools. Phasers were quite common throughout the Star Trek series. While some of them were quite easy for the users, the others were lethal too and were issued to security personnel. 

Needle Sword

The Game of Thrones series has been so popular that we have yet another famous weapon from the literature world on our list. The Needle was a small sword that was personally wielded by Arya Stark. Jon Snow gave it to Arya Stark. As far as the first maker is concerned, it was made by a blacksmith of Winterfell named Milken. 

The Needle is a great sword because it was just according to the physical stature of Arya Stark. As a result, she fights in the style of a typical woman rather than in the style of Westeros Knights. “Arya and Needle” was considered the perfect combination for the show because we saw the two of them perfectly saving each other at all the tough times. The Needle Sword signifies speed and agility along with the ability to give rapid action attacks. 

Elucidator Sword of Kirito

Sword Art Online has been one of the most famous Japanese television shows which is set in a virtual reality world with a focus on various characters including Kazuto Kirito and Asuna Yuuki. It was actually a novel that was then turned into a television show but that didn’t stop the franchise. There have been several video games, light novels, and anime related to the show.

As the fans argue, the Elucidator Sword of Kirito seems to be one of the best weapons in Sword Art Online as it is the primate weapon of Kirito which helps him in moving ahead while having a defensive role. The sword comes out as a result of the demonic monster drop from the 50th floor. Being a boosted sword, it is better than the various other weapons being used in the story. With a black blade and a light grey outline, this becomes quite an exceptionally unique and appealing sword for the fans.

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The Colt

Supernatural is one of the best television shows in American history which was produced by Eric Kripke. The show starred Jared Padalecki as well as Jensen Ackles. The show is about hunts against demons, ghosts, and various other fictitious supernatural characters. As the show was produced by Warner Bros., it was promoted on a vast scale which is why it got mass attention from the audience right away. 

Throughout the show, the audience is shown The Colt Revolver which was made by a paranormal creature hunter. This isn’t just a normal revolver, but rather something extraordinary. Anything which is shot by this gun with the original bullets will die. This may seem quite straightforward but during the show, there have been many supernatural beings that are normally immune to many weapons. The Colt is the best gun to shoot such creatures. Fans really love The Colt because of its constant usage by the lead actors. Various versions and upgrades of The Colt has kept it alive in front of the fans. 


We believe that Anduril is a weapon that is quite underrated despite the fact that the movie, The Lord of the Rings, has been quite popular among the audience. Anduril has been the sword that was reforged from the shards of Narsil. The name Anduril means “Flame of the West” which is also a name given to this sword. This sword has been in the custody and use of Aragorn II Elessar, heir of Isildur. 

This sword is first shown in Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring but its legacy continues in other films as well. According to the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, this sword was very bright such that the sun shone redly in it. The edges were hard and keen making it one of the best swords to defend a man and attack simultaneously. All Lord of the Rings fans have been wanting a replica model of the Anduril but it’s quite rare to get one in fine quality. 

Lord of the Rings poster. 


The world of literature is quite an uncommon one where all sorts of creations exist regardless of the fact that they are real or not. The weapons seem to be one of the most creative aspects of the literary world as they are used in a wide range of stories, novels, movies, shows, and games as well. If you wish, you can even buy replicas of your favorite weapons from the literary world.