Top Five Reasons Why CBD Oil Is Good for Your Pets

All pet lovers understand the joy of owning a healthy and happy pet. However, this happiness is sometimes short-lived when certain health conditions emerge, and a once happy and active pet becomes sad and moody. Many have contemplated using CBD oil. However, some people are unsure if CDB oil for pets is appropriate. This article presents five reasons why CBD oil is good for your pets.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or any other pet, CBD oil has proven as effective for pets as they are for humans. The CBD component of the oil is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana and, opposite to THC, the psychoactive ingredient. While not being psychoactive, it has several health benefits that make life easier for your pets.

Studies show that CBD oil can treat several ailments in pets and humans. It has successfully handled several psychological and physical health conditions, helping with aggression, anxiety, pain, etc. Still not convinced? Take a look at our list of the top five reasons why CBD oil is good for your pet.

Natural Supplement

CBD oil is a naturally derived product. It can, therefore, interact with the pet’s body naturally. Consequently, your pet can consume it without the fear of side effects. Several other products can treat psychological ailments in pets, but many are not natural in their activities. Hence, CBD oil is your best bet.

CBD can also interact with the natural endocannabinoid system in your pet, thereby bringing about a 100% natural resolution of several ailments. Upon entering the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil produces serotonin to help stabilize the pet’s mood and relieve anxiety.

Similar Reaction to CBD Oil Like Humans

Similar Reaction to CBD Oil Like Humans

CBD oil is a popular treatment product in humans. It is used for treating both physical and psychological ailments in humans, especially arthritis pain, anxiety, skin problems, epilepsy, etc. CBD oil has the same effect on pets. So, your pets can also enjoy all the benefits that CBD oil has on you.

Animals react to medicines in the same way as humans, especially mammals. This is one of the reasons scientists use lab rats for laboratory experiments; the idea is that the effect of the drugs on the lab rats will be the same in humans. While the reactions may be slightly different in some instances, they are the same to a great extent.

Therefore, the result will be greatly similar to those of humans if the pet is a mammal. So, you can expect many of the outcomes of CBD oil in humans to also occur in pets. If CBD oil relieves your anxiety, you can expect it to relieve anxiety in your pet as well.

CBD Has a Relaxing Effect

CBD oil is non-psychoactive, which means it naturally has a calming effect on the body. Since its effect on humans is similar to that on pets, CBD oil can also calm fray nerves in pets. It works opposite to THC, which is the psychoactive component of the hemp plant. While THC can get you “high,” CBD can calm you down. It has the same effect on pets. A pet given CBD oil can, therefore, relax.

The relaxing effect of CBD oil has several medical and psychological effects on pets. For example, it can calm stress and anxiety in the pets. CBD enacts its calming effect in the pet via receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The outcome is soothing, and it will not have any unwanted side effects whatsoever on the pet.

Effect on Arthritis

If your pet suffers from arthritis, you can relieve the pain using CBD oil. Old age can cause pets to develop chronic joint inflammation and deterioration. CBD has regenerative effects on body tissues, making it effective for resolution.

A study conducted on the effect of CBD on the relief of arthritis and chronic pain in humans involved the use of CBD and a placebo. Those that received placebo applications did not experience any relief as against those that received CBD oil administration, proving that CD is effective against arthritis and chronic pain. Over the years, it has been confirmed that many pet owners have successfully used CBD to treat chronic pains and arthritis in their pets.

Effect of CBD on the Skin

Effect of CBD on the Skin

CBD can improve your pets’ skin texture and quality, as in humans. It can also treat skin problems in dogs naturally, removing the need to use unnatural products. Those unnatural products can cause unwanted side effects. Some of them may even worsen the situation or cause other damage to the dog’s skin.

CBD oil is a 100% natural product, and you can apply it to your pet’s skin without the fear of anything going wrong. CBD oil can treat dry skin, rash, and allergies on the pet’s skin to prevent microdermabrasion and skin barrier deterioration.

Stress and skin inflammation can cause the pet to scratch its skin. As we have mentioned earlier, CBD oil can relieve inflammation and stress. So, it will be beneficial for preventing skin problems in pets.


From the information given above, you would have seen how CBD oil can be beneficial to your pet and why it is beneficial. The major reason for its many benefits is the calming effect on the pet. It can treat anxiety and relieve stress. CBD oil can also treat chronic pain in the pet. This is an offshoot of its calming, relaxing effect on the body, which also calms the activities of the pain receptors, thereby reducing the pains felt as a result of degenerative joint tissues and skin inflammation.

CBD oil’s calming effect will help your pet refrain from scratching its skin and worsening skin inflammation. Refraining from scratching will hasten the healing process of the skin problem. Suppose you have tried several other products to resolve physical or psychological problems in your pet but cannot get any desirable result. In that case, it is high time you shifted to CBD oil, and it will do wonders. If you need quality CBD for pets, simply go for CBD pet products by PureKana.