Top Destinations for Solo Travellers in Australia

Australia is a good destination to travel solo as well as for group road trips too. Even if you check the top travel websites in Australia, you will find these places capping the lists of the best spots. So, this post would acquaint you with amazing spots in Australia that are perfect for solo travellers. And once you go there, you are surely going to thank yourself. After all, these places are going to be perfect for you.

Mission Beach

Along the East Coast of Australia there rests a location called Mission Beach. With amazing vibes similar to the shorelines of private beaches of Puerto Rico, lined with palm trees, charming white sands and the bluest waters, this little port is one of the finest spots to travel solo in Australia. If you are simply imagining yourself baking on the splendid beach with a good book, going for sunrise strolls with your favourite podcast plugged in or a solo dinner by candlelight under the glitteriest skies then you are thinking in the right direction. You would have absolutely everything from natural pampering to luxurious pleasures at this place.

The Gold Coast

The stunning Gold Coast is an excellent place to simply relax and chill out – or party. Surfers Paradise is especially popular as a holiday destination for solo travellers as it is brimmed with hostels where you would come across numerous like-minded people to stroll alongside. The casinos as well as high-rise buildings in Surfers Paradise are the ideal backdrop to a night on the town. Similarly, not to miss the Gold Coast’s massive backpackers’ scene means it’s no trouble to find people to stay out till dawn with. The entire place gets you a relaxing and fulfilling time.


As it is the entrance point to the Great Barrier Reef and that of the tropical northern part of Australia, Cairns is one of the main holiday destinations for solo travellers. Indeed, diving trips to the two hundred to three hundred kilometre stretch of coral teeming with sea life may be organised from this Queensland city, but it can come after twisting along the impressively gorgeous boardwalk or taking a dip in the swimming lagoon. It is all a big delight for anyone who may be travelling to the place alone.

Margaret River

Margaret River is a main solo travelling destination in Australia so just pack up your bags and get ready to make the most of one of the most gorgeous looking regions. For the innovative soul, the sanctuary is going to be a real haven when you are simply looking for your next session of inspiration sans roommates, significant others, and the meagre urge to hit your local watering hole for a single drink. Check out the list of Mudgee wineries where you can also go.


So, if these are not enough places for you to visit in Australia, know more about more such splendid places on the top travel websites in Australia.  After all, solo travelling is a lot more fun once you are at the right spots in Australia.