Tips to Your Productivity While Working Remotely

COVID 19 has ruined the lives of millions of people all over the world. People dying of hunger, mankind struggling for work, constantly increasing death rate, lack of indispensable transportation services, shortage of medical facilities, and what not are all the outcomes of this life-threatening disease. If we want to save ourselves as well as our family in such a worst situation then we have to stay at home.

There is no other option we are left with. Now, the question arises on how to continue our earnings to fulfill our primary needs in such circumstances. Luckily, a remote working option is rising as a huge help for most of us being in the corporate world. A large number of corporates are taking advantage of this option and providing remote working facilities to their employees to handle the situation.

When it comes to working from home for a web design and digital marketing company, the biggest challenge that employees have to face is how to manage to work from home in a productive way. Here, in this article, we are highlighting a few tips that may be beneficial for each and every individual working remotely at the present date to be in the safe zone. These tips can be seen as under

Ensure to create a dedicated workspace in the boundaries of your home

The first thing you need to do is creating a dedicated workspace inside your home. There are a number of reasons behind doing so. First is, it will help you to keep your work brain on. Deciding a physical space at home to work will also assist your brain to differentiate between ‘on’ and ‘off’ work timings. Also, you will be able to manage your work in a more focused way to increase your productivity.

Try to set up a separate room as the workplace if possible. It is an excellent way to generate a gap between personal life and professional life being at home as combining the two can incorporate extra pressure or bad work ethic. Make sure your work area is free from distractions and is holding all the required resources like a pen, paper, etc.

Take breaks on regular intervals

It is very important to take a break after a specific interval of time. Take breaks to refill your water, to stand up and stretch your legs, etc. and keep your body refreshed. Gazing at the computer screen continuously for a long time can make you less productive as there are very high chances to lose concentration in such a situation.

Make use of digital tools

A number of digital tools are available today that can help you to increase your productivity and efficiency. These tools can aid you in making your operations effective and communicate better while working from home. Few of the best remote working tools are as under


Zoom is a simple and affordable video conferencing tool that gives an outstanding video quality. It gives facilities like screen sharing, file sharing, and local recording to its users.


It is a great screen sharing tool that enables you to permit remote access to your system for your colleagues. This tool also allows you to conduct online audio or video meetings.


Slack is an excellent communication tool that enables you to communicate with your team members in an effective way. It allows you to get connected with your colleagues with the help of chats even if you are far from the office.

This tool also helps you to do group communications with your team members.

Google Online Suite

It is the online version of Microsoft office with the help of which you can make presentations, documents, datasheets, drive storage, etc. and enable your colleagues to access and edit them very easily. Your colleagues can also add comments for asking queries or giving suggestions.

Maintain your honesty

It is easier to get inattentive or waste time while working from home. Working from home needs a greater level of discipline as compared to working in the office. Hence, it is your responsibility to give the hundred percent to your work honestly without wasting any time and protecting yourself from distractions.

If you are less attentive while working at home, you are likely to produce bad results from your work. This will make managers think that you are not active enough towards your work and that will be a bad impact on your reputation. Hence, be as proactive as you are at the office even if you are working remotely. When you sit to do work, just do one thing and that is ‘work’.

Come up with an effective work routine

While working remotely, it is very crucial to set up a routine that will help you a lot to work in a productive way. Try to find out your most productive hours and make sure to utilize them efficiently. It is equally important to keep in mind the working hours of your co-workers as well while setting up your routine. After all, it is not just you, in fact, it is the entire team that is responsible for the success or failure of a task. Hence, taking care of the whole team is essential while building up a routine.

Communicate properly with the team

Team coordination is the backbone of the success of any task. Hence, make sure to communicate with the team properly. Make use of effective digital communication tools to fulfill the purpose. There should be no communication gap between you and your team members as it may lead to serious problems in the future.

In the nutshell

We all are in need of work to survive in this hectic situation and the option to work remotely is not open for all. A large number of people are still struggling for work to survive. Hence, if you are the one among the luckiest who are getting the chance to work from home, make adequate use of this golden chance and follow the above tips to get success in the same?