Tips To Make Money Out Of Used IBC Totes

Customers have to pay for tote pickup services for the freight and handling of totes being picked up. This is going to come up as a consolidated freight bill for each number of tote that is picked up. However, you don’t have to pay anything on the featured site if you choose to hand them over for recycling as reconditioned IBC totes and disposal. In fact, you can end up getting paid, but this is going to depend on the quality of the totes. What this means is that the used pallet tanks can be of value even when they have come to the end of their life cycle. Below is all the information you need to have about the return and pick-up process.

Getting Rid of Transportation Woes

A common challenge faced by a business with a lot of pallet tanks also known as totes is transportation. This is going to be a problem for any business interested in disposing of their used pallet tanks. While they have to be disposed of properly following the regulations set by the government, the challenge comes when it comes to transporting them. This is what makes the most difference to businesses.

Compliance with Regulations

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when it comes to disposing of pallet tanks is making sure they have been emptied. This involves hunting a tank until there is no more than an inch of residue left at the bottom. It is also important to share with the service what was contained in the pallet tanks. Make sure you do this because it makes things easier for the service that is going to pick the totes. The container that is going to be sent to your location to pick up the pallet tanks has the capacity of stacking up to 60 empty pallet tanks. This makes it important to make sure that there is no hazardous material being put in the truck. Safety is very important, and the first thing you need is to make sure the service knows what they are dealing with.

Procedure for Disposal and Sale

The process of handing over the totes is not complicated. When you hand them over for disposal, you don’t have to worry about a complicated process. It is seamless and the service is always going to make sure that the empty tanks that come from the business are going to be removed as per the agreement. There is a high demand for IBC totes, and there are featured site refurbishes that are going to use the pallets and sell them to their customers who are in need of the pallets. The condition of a refurbished container tends to be higher when compared to a new tank. Apart from getting quality pellets delivered to your home, the featured site will offer them to their customers at a reasonable price, which is going to make the operations even more cost-effective.

If you decide that you want to buy a given number of tanks as a one-time purchase or a routine with periodic purchase, you can rely on the service of the site for sourcing your requirements and making sure they have been delivered to you in the most professional manner. You are going to spend way less on refurbished IBC compared to how much it will cost you to get a new one. With the totes, you can have peace of mind knowing that the products are going to be stored and transported following safety regulations without having to spend a lot of money on the tank used in storage and transportation. Your needs are going to be met by the site no matter where you are. You can access all that online, which means virtually every place in the US is serviced by the featured site.