Tips to Fix a Burnt Coil in Your Vape

Unlike smoking, vaping offers vapers, many of whom are ex-smokers, a chance to enjoy a nicotine fix without the risks related to the combustion of tobacco necessary for smoking. It also allows people to enjoy a great choice of different flavours without nicotine because there are also nic-free e-juices.

However, sometimes you may experience an unpleasant burnt taste as you vape, and this can ruin your enjoyment of the experience. You may want to throw your coil or device away when that happens, but you can easily fix the coil and continue enjoying your usual tasty and pleasant vape.

What leads to a Burnt Coil?

As with other vape components, the coil does not last forever and will wear out over time with continuous vaping. This is completely expected and normal and it means frequent vapers must replace their coils after a period of vaping.

Below are some of the things that may result in a burnt coil:

  • Low vape juice levels: if you vape when your device’s tank or cartridge has low vape juice levels, the wick will not absorb the e-liquid as easily. When you go on vaping with a low e-juice level, soon you will start getting a burnt taste.
  • High-wattage vaping: You need to constantly check your device before vaping to be sure you didn’t set your wattage too high. Otherwise, too high a wattage can lead to a burnt taste and your device will need a thorough cleaning, or could even force you to replace the coils.
  • Poorly-installed or low-quality wick: if you want to enjoy vaping, ensure you install the wick properly and use a high-quality wick. Because the wick is a cloth, mostly cotton, that absorbs e-juice bringing it closer to the coil when it’s poorly installed or of poor quality, its working is hampered.

Steps to fix a burnt coil

Here are some tips if you have been looking for how to fix a burnt coil guide and you can use them to enjoy a great vape taste even after getting a burnt taste:

  1.   You need to remove the coil and the wick. Do this carefully because a lack of care can see you damage the coil and force you to buy a replacement which is what you may be trying to avoid.
  2.   Soak the coil in hot water and leave it for a few minutes. This loosens any debris or burnt vape juice from the wick
  3.   In a separate container have cold water ready and submerge the wick in it after removing it from the hot water. This step removes any debris remnants, leaving the wick clean again.
  4.   Allow the wick to dry completely then put it back in the vaping device.
  5.   If you still experience the burnt taste vape after the above steps, use lemon juice or vinegar in hot water to clean the wick. More stubborn debris will be removed by vinegar or lemon juice, but they shorten the wick’s life due to their corrosive nature so you should only use them if water alone doesn’t work.


Now you know how to fix a burnt vape coil, and you can enjoy flavourful vaping even after getting a burnt coil. You also know what causes it, so avoid things that cause a burnt coil, for example, poor quality wick, improper wick installation, vaping with low juice levels, and vaping on high wattage.