Tips For Picking a Nonprofit Partner

The business environment is changing, and every brand wants to make positive social impacts through Corporate giving programs. These programs allow organizations of all sizes to invest in social good. They are like corporate philanthropy that is tailored for charitable giving to a nonprofit cause. Most often than not, employees are behind corporate giving programs. But how do you pick a nonprofit partner that can help channel these giving programs to the right cause? Keep reading; you will find out soon.

Nothing is as fulfilling as charitable giving financial planning knowing that your charitable donation is positively impacting the lives of people. However, you can only achieve this if you work with the right nonprofit partner.

Here are tips for picking a nonprofit partner to help you channel facilitate your charitable cause;

1. Search For An Organization That’s Compatible With Your Company’s Mission

If you want to get the best from your Corporate giving program, you must work with a nonprofit partner whose activities are compatible with your company’s mission.

For instance, if your company is in the content creation niche, you can work with a nonprofit partner fronting a literacy campaign program. Similarly, if you are in the food industry, you can support the campaign to stop hunger. This will be more relevant to your business mission.

2. Use Charitable Rating Tools to Evaluate the Nonprofit Partner

Before you pick a nonprofit partner, it’s advisable to evaluate them using a charitable rating tool. Come to think of it, you are donating your hard-earned money, and there’s nothing bad if you take a few steps to ensure that your donation makes a social impact.

Of course, some charitable organizations help millions of people around the world every year. And some seldom accomplish anything. You can use tools like CharityNavigator or GuideStar to evaluate the performance of a prospective charitable partner. These tools will give you an idea of where your charitable donations are going to.

3. Involve Your Employees in the Donation Process

You can’t choose a charitable course yourself and expect your employees to be passionate about it. Listen to their opinions and involve them in the decision-making process. This will give you an idea of the charitable course they are passionate about.

After much deliberations, choose the cause with the highest support from your employee and pick a partner in that area. For instance, if you and your employees agree to support a COVID-19 cause, you can search for charitable organizations campaigning against the spread of COVID-19.

4. Choose a Donation You Can Sustain

This is arguably one of the most important tips for picking a nonprofit partner. Before you pledge support to any charitable cause, ensure that you can sustain it. Whether your business is doing great or not, it’s not an excuse not to sustain your nonprofit partner’s support.

The best way you can sustain your donation to a particular course is to promise a percentage of your profit. You can donate 1% of your profit to charity, and if your employees want, they can donate a small percentage of their salary to a charitable cause.