Think Big: 6 tips for making more space in a small home

There are several reasons why we might move homes. People often move to LA, for instance, for a better lifestyle and employment opportunities. However, moving from your hometown or home city is far from easy. Moreover, apart from the moving expenses, the added expense of renting or purchasing a home can quickly make life stressful. In that case, it’s always best to go for a smaller apartment or home. Although San Diego’s living costs are also 44% higher than the US average, LA has an even higher cost of living – 51% higher than the national average!

However, moving to a smaller home comes with its own set of challenges including limited space. So, what can you do under these circumstances? Read on for some tips to make more space in a smaller home.

1. Declutter:

If your belongings are literally everywhere in the house, from your sofas to the floors, space will undoubtedly be an issue. So, the first step is to declutter and get rid of all the things creating clutter in your house. You can donate belongings that you don’t use anymore or haven’t used for over a year, or you could have a yard sale or give them to a friend who needs them. However, while you are moving, there might be certain items with sentimental value or that which you feel you might need later. Move these to a self-storage facility until you can decide their future. Hiring a moving company that provides moving and storage services will be a wise move. Even if you don’t need storage solutions, you’ll need the assistance of professional movers who can move your belongings safely amidst San Deigo’s heavy traffic.

The best San Diego long distance moving companies, such as Coleman Worldwide Moving, can not only make the move easier for you but also offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions for your belongings.

So when you reach your new destination, you can take your time and gradually transfer your goods from their warehouses to your new home as you go. You might need some time trying to understand how and where to adjust all things, big and small, in your new house.

2. Use Smart Furniture:

Bulky and oversized furniture can make even a big space look small. That is why you must avoid the mistake of buying big furniture for your new home. Small and smart furniture frees up space. There are many smart furniture options you can use, like a foldable table.

Another smart move is getting furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, use an ottoman instead of a sofa so that it can also be used as extra seating for guests while also serving as storage for clothes or sheets. You can also get three-in-one in-one or even four-in-one nesting coffee tables or side tables. So whenever you need an extra table, you can quickly slide it out and hide it away after using it.

3. Utilize The Corners:

To make your small home more spacious, use the corners to your advantage. The best way is to add floating shelves in the empty corners of your house. You can add decoration pieces, plant pots, books, candles, etc. to these open shelves.

Similarly, instead of purchasing a bulky dining table, consider adding counterchairs or barstools around your kitchen island. This is especially useful when you have an open floor plan with an open kitchen.

4. Use Windows And Mirrors Cleverly:

By installing huge windows in your living room or bedroom, you can make it look bigger. When there is a big window in a room, our eyes move beyond the walls of the room to the outside view, and mentally, we incorporate it as a part of the living space. Thus, visually enlarging your room with the help of windows is a clever idea.

Install simple blinds or shades that you can roll up during the day, or you can use draperies that match the colour of the walls so that they seamlessly blend in with the wall and not make windows look smaller. Another great idea to make a small space bigger is by using mirrors. Mirrors are great catchers and reflectors of natural light. Thus, simply installing a mirror with a decorative frame will make any room stylish, brighter, and bigger.

5. Find Storage Spaces In Your House:

By properly organizing and storing your stuff, you can free up so much space in your house. Right now, there must be so many spaces in your small house that you can use to store additional stuff. Some common areas are under the stairs, beds, etc. You can buy under-bed storage containers and store all kinds of stuff, like shoes, off-season clothes, important paperwork, etc., in these containers and slide them under your bed.

This way, all the things that were spread all over your tables or countertops will be neatly stored away and still be accessible anytime you need them. You can also add shelves and cupboards under the stairs. You can add bespoke cabinets into wall cavities in areas that are not used much in the house, like corridors.

6. Minimize The Color Palette And Contrast:

Just let your home breathe. When a lot of colours, different textures, and a lot of furniture are in your house, it creates a chaotic environment. Remember that less is more. Instead of having a very bold colour palette, just paint your small house in natural tones that are subtle and help soften the look of the whole house. Similarly, too much contrast is also not good for small space designs.

For example, if there is a fireplace in your living room and it is in a colour which is a contrast to the rest of the room, it will stand out in the wrong way. It will seem like there is a lot of stuff in the room, and too much is going on. However, this same fireplace, if painted in a similar colour as the walls, will seamlessly blend into the whole room, giving the living room a bigger look and feel.


You’ve just moved, and it’s quite understandable that you might be having a hard time adjusting to your new, smaller home. But remember, the size of your home can not hold you back as long as you know how to utilize the available space. This article points out six simple tips that you can use to make your small home more spacious. Take some help from these tips and trust your creative instincts. You got this!