Things To Know Before Sign Up for Spectrum Mobile

It takes a lot to be the undisputed king of the cable industry in the United States. ISPs must provide extensive coverage and be consistently reliable with their services. Moreover, they have to keep the consumers happy at all times with the data plans.

Spectrum cable is among the major internet, cable TV, and phone service providers in the country. Its creation was the result of a merger between Time Warner Cable, Bright House Cable Network, and Charter Communications. It is the second-largest broadband service provider when it comes to coverage in the U.S. In June 2018, the company launched Spectrum Mobile.

What Is Spectrum Mobile?

It is a wireless service that offers mobile data plans at flexible prices. The pricing options are similar to those offered by Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile. The reason for this is that both Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity are a creation of the same Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement. You can subscribe to the mobile service by meeting certain conditions.

Also, the product is exclusive to users of the provider’s internet services. The Verizon network powers the MVNO. Its coverage is facilitated by more than half a million Wi-Fi hotspots situated around the country. Therefore, there is no need to use your cellular data.

How to Get the Services

To avail the service, you need to be either an existing customer or willing to register yourself as a new user. Moreover, the good news is that you no longer have to buy a device through the company. The conditions are fairly simple. You will have to register yourself for automatic payments, meet their credit requirements, and purchase a new phone from them.

However, the last condition might rub up many customers the wrong way. The reason is that most service providers do not make it mandatory for users to purchase new devices from them. Furthermore, the company does not provide additional services like cable TV until 30 days after signing up.

So, what’s the difference between the provider and a traditional carrier? There is one noticeable difference. The provider automatically shifts your connection to its Wi-Fi hotspots when in range. Benefits include high downlink speeds and low monthly data rates.

Data Plans on Offer

You can choose from two data plans. The first one is the ‘By the Gig’ plan whereas the second one is the “Unlimited Plan”. Each state has a different rate for these plans. The cellular network enables you to stream videos in 480p resolution. However, you can view videos in HD by connecting to the provider’s Wi-Fi service. Other benefits include unlimited texts and talk time. Moreover, you can convert your phone into a hotspot device without paying extra charges. The only downside is that your bandwidth will throttle if your hotspot data exceed the 5GB limit.

By the Gig Plan

For $14 a month, you can subscribe to the By the Gig plan. This offer comes with 1GB of LTE data. Exceeding the limit will cost you an additional $14 on 1GB. Moreover, every figure is rounded up. For example, the provider will treat 2.01GB of data usage as 3GB. You can avoid exceeding the data limit by enabling notifications on your phone. Furthermore, you can view your data usage via the provider’s app.

Unlimited Plan

This plan will cost you $45 per month. With this offer, you get unlimited monthly 4G data. Other benefits include unlimited texting and calling. You can share your data with more lines by upgrading the plan. Moreover, you can switch between the two plans depending on your usage.


The service comes without any contracts and interests. Moreover, you can cancel the subscription within the first 30 days of use. What’s more, you won’t be paying any termination fee if you cancel the subscription in 30 days. Also, the service is much cheaper than the price plans provided by other carriers.