Things Not To Do After a Car Accident in Nevada

No matter who you are or how careful you try to be, almost everyone who travels every day is susceptible to car accidents. When these accidents are caused because of other people, there are certain legal actions you can take, but making even a minor mistake following the car accident can cost you the compensation that you believe you deserve. Even if you were not liable for the accident, a single mistake on your part can be used by the insurance company to paint you as the perpetrator.  In such cases, only vehicle accident attorneys in Nevada can help. Here are some things you should not do after a car accident:

Leaving the scene:

No matter how scared you are after a car accident about facing a lawsuit, never leave the scene of the accident. First, you never know what transpired. It is quite possible that the other party was also responsible for the car accident. Based on that, you will be able to recover some of the damages based on comparative negligence. 

According to NRS 484E.020, whenever there is an accident, you immediately stop your car or vehicle at the scene to avoid any penalty or offense. You may, however, be able to move your car to the side of the road to prevent any more crashes. 

Not calling the police:

Some people fearing what may happen do not call the police. That would be a great mistake on your part. Calling the police does not mean that you are calling doom upon yourself. Remember that calling the police first may come in handy and even help your case if there is a lawsuit. The police on their arrival will possibly investigate the site of the accident to document everything that may have happened along with the details of damages and injuries. Most of the time these reports work as evidence. 

Not calling the paramedics:

Another thing that you need to do is make sure you call the paramedics right away after the accident so that they can tend to your injuries. Even if you feel like nothing serious happened, it’s good to have paramedics on site.

Final thoughts:

You may hire a personal injury attorney for a car accident to get a better understanding of how much you can claim for compensation. They will also help you evaluate the intangibles.