The Ultimate Guide to Getting Inked in Hawaii

Aloha! Welcome to the perfect resource for anyone looking to combine their love of tattoos and their Hawaii adventure.

Known for its breathtaking beaches and rich culture, the Aloha State is also a hidden gem for those seeking unique and meaningful tattoos.

Join us as we discover local tattoo history and provide tips on choosing tattoo shops in Hawaii that will leave you with ink as captivating as the islands themselves.

Let’s dive right in.

The History of Tattoos in Hawaii

The Polynesian culture has a rich history of tattooing, which has been practiced for centuries and was once considered a sacred ritual. Hawaiian tattooing, also known as kakau, served as symbols of spirituality, identity, and even status.

The traditional process of kakau involved using tools made of bone, wood, and sometimes turtle shells to tap ink into the skin. Their designs featured meaningful symbols and intricate patterns that held unique significance to their wearers.

Revival of Traditional Tattooing

Like many indigenous practices, traditional tattooing in Hawaii was suppressed by Western colonization. Thankfully, in recent years, there has been a revival of kakau. Thanks to efforts from cultural practitioners and tattoo artists who have dedicated their work to preserve this tattooing style, this lost art form has started making a revival. Many shops currently offer traditional tattooing, but be sure to research and understand the culture behind this type of tattoo before considering it as a permanent art piece on your body.

Picking Tattoo Shops in Hawaii

Many talented artists are at tattoo shops in Hawaii, so choosing a good one should be easy. You have the option of finding a traditional kakau tattoo shop or a modern shop where you can get a range of tattoo styles from black and white to watercolor, traditional Japanese, and, of course, traditional Hawaiian.

Pick a Tattoo Style

With so many tattoo styles available, the most important thing you can do is pick which one you want for your tattoo. Remember, this will be on your body forever so consider carefully.

Research Different Shops

After you know what style you want, find tattoo shops in Hawaii with an artist focused on the type of tattoo you’re looking for. You can ask for shop recommendations from your hotel staff or other locals, and be sure to view the artist’s portfolio.

Clean and Safe

Once you visit the shop, ensure they follow proper hygiene and safety protocols. They should have safety certificates on display, so if they don’t, make sure you ask to see them.

Communication is Key

You want an artist who’s attentive to you and listens to your ideas since this is a permanent piece of art going onto your body. You deserve to ask your questions and voice any concerns.

Complete Your Hawaiian Adventure with a Captivating Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for a traditional kakau tattoo or a modern design, tattoo shops in Hawaii have it all! Its rich history and diverse culture make it the perfect destination for anyone looking to get inked.