The Sentry

The Sentry first appeared in Paul Jenkins’ iconic miniseries, Marvel Knights 2000, featuring the art of Jae Lee. The Sentry series ran for five issues and then directly followed by a series of one-shots in which the Sentry collaborated with the Fantastic Four, the Spider-Man, and Angel of the X-Men. These one-shots led to ‘The Sentry against the Void,’ another one-shot that complemented the miniseries and one-shots’ story. In 2005, author Brian Bendis made him a member of the New Avengers.

In Breakout issues #1 to #6, the Sentry played a minor role. Later on the second arc, he became the main focus in The Sentry series from issues #7 to #10. Subsequently, The Sentry was provided an eight-issue miniseries written by Paul Jenkins along with the artist John Romita Jr. He also had an appearance in The Mighty Avengers, where he became a member. Aside from that, he also appeared as a regular character in Dark Avengers and in The Age of the Sentry miniseries, where he became the protagonist. On March 6, 2018, Kim Jacinto and Joshua Cassara revealed that the character would be given an ongoing series written by Jeff Lemire along with the artists Joshua Cassara and Kim Jacinto.

The Sentry Comic Biography

The lowly Robert Reynolds had become the Sentry after he consumed an experimental super-soldier formula. However, during his constant battle with the Void, he had done a heroic act of erasing himself from everyone’s memory. In the year 2000, Reynolds, suddenly remembers that he is the superhero renowned as the Sentry, the hero with the power of one million exploding suns. Aside from this, he also knows that his arch-nemesis, the Void, is coming back to the world. Reynolds then starts to search out the majority of the most popular superheroes in the world to inform them of the danger to come.

The lost memories of the Sentry are revived after Reynolds speaks individually to them. Peter Parker remembered that he took a snapshot of the Sentry, which had won him a Pulitzer Prize. Angel recalls flying alongside Sentry, helping him overcome his fear of falling. Hulk had never forgotten Sentry, whom he nicknamed “Golden Man.” In the past, Sentry had helped Hulk to control his rage, which was later revealed to be the result of soothing energy that the Sentry could give off. As a result, Hulk was able to gain public approval. Subsequently, the people finally recall their own memories of the Sentry and of Scout, his former sidekick.

Most particularly, Mr. Fantastic (aka Reed Richards) remembers that he and Robert Reynolds were the closest friends. He also recalls that Sentry had always teamed up with the Fantastic Four to combat the universe’s biggest threats. In the course of time, the public gradually remembers the Sentry and the things he had done for the world. Richards and Reynolds then made an investigation of why the world had forgotten the Sentry. They have discovered that the Void and the Sentry are pieces of the same broken psyche. The reason the world had forgotten the Sentry was that Reynolds used his power to remove the Sentry from everybody’s mind in the world, including his own, to kill the Void. Now, Reynolds realizes that as the world’s heroes united and waiting for the Void to arrive, he will make the same sacrifice again. Through the aid of C.L.O.C., the Sentry’s digital assistant, Mr. Fantastic, and Doctor Strange, he erases Sentry’s memories from the world once more.

Superpowers and Abilities

The Sentry’s powers come from a serum that moves his molecules ahead of the current timeline. Aside from that, his strength also comes from the absorbed solar radiation, although most of his superpowers are still unknown. Some of his known powers were super speed, super strength, enhanced senses, resurrection, telepathy, and flight.

Superhuman Speed: Sentry has an incredibly high-level super speed. This ability allows him to catch a bullet and fly back and forth from Earth to Sun, in just a minute. Through the Uncanny Avengers series, the speed of Sentry was such that his attacks on Thor had bent space and time with their velocity.

Superhuman Strength: His strength has allowed him to easily overpower beings like Ares, the Olympian god of war, as well as Terrax and break his ax. He could also smash Doctor Doom’s shields, fight Ultron’s female version, and break Carnage, the supervillain, physically in one move. The Sentry has yet to show the limits of his immense power, but he could easily battle with the likes of Thor, Hercules, and the Hulk. Whenever he’s up against very strong opponents, his heavy punch produces loud booming sounds that shake the surrounding.

Superhuman Senses: the Sentry has exceptionally heightened senses. His elevated hearing will enable him to hear a sneeze of butterflies in Africa while he is in New York’s packed lounge. Aside from his sense of hearing, his heightened sense of sight allows him to see the microscopic particles that are not visible in an ordinary human’s eyes.

Telepathy: Sentry is one of the powerful telepaths on earth, according to Emma Frost. In the past, he had erased the memory of his existence from every person on the planet.

Resurrection: Sentry has the ability to revive another being from death under extreme emotional distress. This first occurred when Sentry brought his wife back to life. Initially, he didn’t even know at first that he had the power to resurrect the dead. However, Sentry did not gain complete control of this power.