The Most Underrated In-Game Items in Fortnite

Most people go for usual weapons such as Assault Rifles and SMGs. But what about the other items that are scattered around the map? They too can prove handy in certain situations. While others simply walk away from these items, we think they may be underrated in-game Fortnite items. As such, they deserve to be in your inventory! So what are these items that can’t be obtained in the Fortnite item shop, you ask? Well, you’re about to find out! We’ll be talking about why they’re so special. If you’re interested to know what these often-overlooked items have to offer, then read on! Do note, though, that some of the ones that will be mentioned have been vaulted and thus can’t be found in the current season.

1. The Bush

Ah yes, the Bush. This Legendary tier item has led to several victories for players who are afraid of gunfights, ourselves included. The Bush is a consumable item that first appeared in Chapter 1: Season 3. It allowed players to disguise themselves as—you guessed it—a bush! Upon crouching, you can use the Bush to blend into the landscape. Walking while having the Bush on is somewhat conspicuous, so it’s best to use it while crouching. Minute changes were made to this item in Season 7 wherein the Bush got a Christmas variant known as the Sneaky Snowman. Since this was the Christmas season and all of the items in the Fortnite item shop were Christmas themed, the map was covered with snow, making a Bush in the middle of the snowfall highly suspect. To remedy this, the Sneaky Snowman was made. It allowed players to blend in with other snowmen scattered across the map. Sadly, this item was vaulted in Chapter 2: Season 1. During Chapter 2: Season 2, it got a similar item added to the game called the Creepin’ Cardboard which is similar to Snake’s cardboard box on a popular title, Metal Gear Solid.

2. Crash Pad

The Crash Pad is similar to another item that’s still being used—the Launch Pad. However, what differentiates the two is that the Crash Pad is a throwable item while the Launch Pad is a device. The Crash Pad is a rare item that, when thrown, deploys a large trampoline that you can use to get some air under you. Jumping off of them will nullify your fall damage, so you don’t have to worry about falling to your death randomly during the course of the game. Compared to the Launch Pad that has unlimited uses that both your teammates and enemies can use, the Crash Pad will deflate after a while.

3. Bandages

People often forget about Bandages and often just go straight for the Shield Potions or its bigger brother, the Medkits. Bandages are common items, meaning they can be found anywhere on the map and are easy to come by—quite handy if you need a small health infusion. Although Bandages are capped to only 75% of your health and not 100%, they are the largest stackable healing item in Fortnite with a stacking size of 15. Their use time is 3 seconds, just a second more compared to the Mini Shield Potion. Bandages are underrated in a sense that no one really goes for them anymore despite being a great healing item during heated battles. While you can use a Medkit, its use time is 10 seconds; that’s more than enough time enemies to destroy your structures and down you!

Wrap Up

And those are what we think are some of the most underrated in-game items in Fortnite (not the ones found in the Fortnite item shop)! We’re aware that there are other items that are worthy of making it onto this list, but most of them have been vaulted. What Fortnite weapon or Fortnite item is underrated for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!