The MBS Restaurant Options Worth Trying

If you want to experience dining at its best in Singapore, then you need to go to Marina Bay Sands. Any MBS restaurant is a place worth visiting if you are in Singapore. A word of warning though, these are upscale restaurants and the prices of the food items there are higher than those from other restaurants in Singapore. And that is saying a lot because Singapore is not the cheapest city to visit. But with a menu that will satisfy all of your senses, the price is definitely worth it. If you’re ready to dine in an MBS restaurant, then below are some options.


Celavi offers a feast for all of your senses. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by loud music played by an international DJ. Then you’ll also hear people talking and laughing. Then there’s the aforementioned view of Singapore. Singapore is breathtaking to look at at night time especially if you’re perched on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. Celavi also offers the perfect spot to watch the laser light show at MBS that happens every night. You’ll surely be mesmerized when you see light dance on water. Then of course there’s the food. The menu of Celavi consists of traditional Malay and Singaporean fares mixed with Western staples. The party starts at around seven but peaks at around nine and ten. But if you want to eat before partying then you better come early. You don’t have to make a reservation but it would be better if you do because the place can get crowded especially during weekends.



If you’re craving for Chinese food then you need to check out Blossom, which is located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands. This restaurant is helmed by two world-class chefs: Chef Fok Kai Yee who served for years in the kitchen of Summer Pavilion and Chef Jasin Lau who has cooked at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck. All kinds of Chinese dishes are served al Blossom from traditional Cantonese fares to spicy Sichuan dishes. And if you go there during lunchtime or afternoon tea, you’ll also be able to order dim sum. One of the dishes at Blossom that you should try is their roast chicken that has been smoked with 15-year-old Pu’er tea leaves and chrysanthemum. They also serve excellent seafood such as succulent tiger prawns and braised four-head South African abalone.


Club55 is a restaurant exclusive to guests staying in Club rooms, Grand Club rooms, and Suites. Only two guests per room are allowed to enter. So if you’re staying at any of these rooms, then you shouldn’t miss the experience of dining at Club55. Additional guests can also enter at a supplementary fee. Children aged 5 years and below can enter for free as long as they are accompanied by a guest. Club55 is a good place to eat breakfast or take your afternoon tea. If you’re going there in the evening, be sure to sit by the window so you can have a spectacular view of Spectra, the water and light show that takes place every night at the waterfront.