The Importance of Pen Testing for Startups

Have you decided to conduct cyber security penetration testing? This is absolutely the right approach to doing business! All modern Internet security experts agree that any company operating on customer data or having a local network can be subject to a hacker attack. Any leak of commercial information or personal data of customers is a huge blow to reputation, which can be fatal for a business. Many aspiring businessmen or executives think that a young company has nothing to fear. This is a mistake! In this article, we will explain in detail the importance of penetration testing for startup.

Why a Startup Needs a Penetration Test?

The sooner the company’s management begins to develop a security policy, the more effective it will be. Smooth implementation of protective mechanisms and work scripts for employees leaves time for maneuver. Ineffective circuits are easy to replace with the least waste of time and money. It is also easier to gradually integrate a growing technical park into the existing security system than to abruptly connect all the company’s software.

Trust level

When entering into serious contracts, customers and counterparties usually ask whether they have performed a penetration test. This does not mean that you need to demonstrate to the client a report showing weaknesses. It is enough to show the certificate received from a licensed cybersecurity company. If breaches were found in the local security system, the report will also indicate how they were fixed. Such evidence will be sufficient for a business partner. If testing has not been performed, the counterparty may ask to do so. Thus, in order not to waste time and not miss a deal, it is better to worry about this in advance.

Cases when it is impossible to run without a penetration test:

  • You are trying to attract investors or sell your business. Investors or buyers will not enter into a contract without clear evidence of the safety of all systems. In the event that investments are nevertheless received, and testing has shown big problems in the security policy, partners can withdraw their assets back.
  • You are developing a business in the field of fintech, medicine or construction.
  • If local authorities require compliance with certain criteria, which include strict security policies and obligations when dealing with customer data. Large fines are imposed for violations.

Why a Startup May Not Need a Penetration Test?

Is everything so simple? We answered the question whether to simulate a hacker attack or not. But there are times when it’s too early to test a company. If the startup has not yet been officially launched, and it is at the development stage, then it is better to postpone the network penetration test. Signs that your business does not yet require an ethical hacker attack:

  • You have not yet finished developing the overall network architecture,
  • web or mobile application is under development;
  • APIs are not ready yet or they are constantly changing.

An exception

There are business areas where application security is not a priority. Sounds incredible. These cases are rather the exceptions that prove the rule. For example, the website of a coffee shop or clothing store serves only as an advertisement. The owner does not sell online. It also does not send advertisements to clients over the Internet and does not store their data in a local database. No orders and financial flows pass through the site. In this case, you can skip the system break test.