The Icebound Land by John Flanagan

Synopsis of the book


Will and Evanlyn, have been kidnapped by Skandians, taken to their homeland, and sold into slavery at their capital city of Hallasholm. Meanwhile, Halt, desperate to save Will has been thrown out of the Ranger Corps. Then accompanied by Horace they go on a journey to look for Will. While all that was happening Will, unwillingly, became addicted to a drug called warmweed. Erak, a Skandian Jarl, helps Will and Evanlyn escape and also provides the means to hopefully shake of the effects of the warmweed. Thus I present to you The Ranger’s Apprentice Book 3: The Icebound Land.

My final verdict?

What is good about this book is that it features all the perspectives of the characters. It gives you a chance to experience the story from the many views of the different characters.

Overall, I found this to be a very good book in my reading experience. I give this book five stars and two thumbs up.

More about the book, the series and its author

The Icebound Land is the third book of the best-selling Ranger’s Apprentice series created by Sydney-born Australian fantasy fiction writer John Flanagan. He wrote these collection of stories initially to incite his then-young son into writing. Nowadays, the series is a certified best-seller worldwide.

Other books in the series are as follows (in order)

  • The Ruins of Gorlan
  • The Burning Bridge
  • Oakleaf Bearers
  • The Sorcerer of the North
  • The Siege of Macindaw
  • Erak’s Ransom
  • The Kings of Clonmel
  • Hath’s Peril
  • The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
  • The Lost Stories
  • The Royal Ranger

Other books may be reviewed in the future.

The Icebound Land was published initially in Australia in 2005. The novel, like the other books in the Ranger’s Apprentice series, has also been reaping critical praises. Critics and casual readers alike love the story’s relatively fast pace, engaging, fun writing style, albeit a tad predictable, as the hero Will manages to overcome the battles as well as his own drug addictions.

Flanagan’s themes of bravery, perseverance, loyalty and friendship are consistent in this book as in the rest of the series. Its cliff-hanging action scenes will leave readers of all ages likely wanting to buy other books of the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

There’s also an audiobook edition of The Icebound Land, whose production and execution has also been widely praised.