The History of Rave Fashions

The personal uniqueness and individuality of jewelry makers worldwide embrace the art of jewelry-making and stamp their unique identity onto each piece of jewelry they design. No one person sees the same uniqueness in this art. Even though jewelry designers may buy their products through the same company, each piece the designer forms causes their work to carry a personal uniqueness.

Thousands of jewelry makers design their items of crafted jewelry from supplies from India and Africa. Individuals attracted to making jewelry may enjoy this as a therapeutic hobby or to pass the time. Thousands of others make this a successful business selling their goods in a real-time or virtual store, providing authentic and ethically sourced beads created by artisans from all over the globe. We call these beads unique for the simple reason that these beads are not mass-produced but individually handcrafted.

There is an element of extraordinary craftsmanship and quality that draw jewelry makers to purchase these products. These higher-quality beads create a higher quality piece of jewelry.

A specific culture may draw the jewelry maker to take a closer look at these handcrafted products. Individuals embracing the new-age, Bohemian lifestyle, yoga practitioners, and those who yearn to live healthier lives appreciate the work and carefully designed elegance of these beads. One example of this style is seen in the bright yellow tee shirts with a smiley face covering the front of the shirt popular years ago and still popular.

Present-day electric cultures who appreciate the vibrant Rave fashions have in themselves revolved into what it is today, a global phenomenon. Those who enjoy color and colorful designs are drawn to the evolution of the Rave Revolution. Those who embrace Rave fashions from clothing to any accessory have a lively and colorful personal and fashionable style.

During the mid to late 1980s, Rave wear shifted from designer dresses to unique creations, taking on a more industrial style, as seen in favorites like Phat pants, boiler suits, and overalls, to mention a few industrial types. Rave emphasizes the hippy and oversized yet functional wear. Accessories such as jewelry crafted from colorful beads crafted by artisans worldwide and whistles accommodate Rave designs and add further spice to clothing styles just as much as the Acid House style of electronic genre music during this time.

While Rave styles trend, underground brands came into being and became highly popular like Stussy and Freshjive. An example of essential Rave wares is the smiley face tee-shirt, oversized pants with many pockets, a colorful whistle on a necklace, colorful bucket hats, and sneakers.

As technology started to spin uncontrollably and society entered the internet age, Rave fashions pushed on into the cyber era. Rave continued to exhibit a wide range of bright colors and proved to be fun attire, such as the ever-lasting famous Mickey Mouse and Elmo attire. When you did not think colorful clothing could be any more vibrant, it does, such as,

  • You see bright colors in brands like Adidas.
  • Popular essentials became society’s norm.
  • Rave ware includes colorful sun visors, spiked and bright hair seen in pink and purple hair gels
  • Loose-fitting, down-home style clothing
  • Glow Sticks
  • Furry backpacks
  • Shell-toe shoes

The 21st Century saw the era of Kandi kids and significant, ongoing influence of Rave and clubbing culture that included,

  • Custom face masks
  • Colorful armbands
  • Colorful beaded bracelets
  • Self-expression
  • Electronic music
  • Utilizing short text messages and symbols
  • LED wear
  • Wearing what makes you feel you can uniquely express yourself
  • Rave finds that anyone can find something that expresses uniqueness.

Rave Fashion in 2021 

Rave fashion designers have always been drawn to the unusual. Trends come and go throughout Europe and the United States. We can see that music tastes cycle as much as fashion trends throughout the world. In the 21st Century, what music you listen to is as important as what you are wearing. Such as,

  • Casual, grungy, no thought about and thrown together clothing styles
  • Down to earth fashion
  • Tracksuits
  • Baseball caps
  • Trainers as seen in brands like Nike Air Max 110s, Air Force 1s
  • Electronic music
  • Club Culture
  • Pandemic isolation avoiding freedom of living life to the fullest before COVID-19, now dress in casual and sloppy attire due working from home and generalized isolation.
  • A new love for escapism fashion depicting fashion collections to the darker side and more rebellious
  • Fashions indulging in comfort due to pandemic restrictions
  • More freedom from COVID-19 constraints bring about a resurgence of the styles seen in the Roaring Twenties and exuberant fashions to wear outside of isolation at home
  • See-through dresses
  • Wide trousers
  • Huge neckties
  • Bold wigs
  • Giant hats
  • Sandals with ribbons wrapping around the leg

Cycling fashions created by a natural ability to design is a brain process that hardly everyone shares. The world remains in a time of crisis or emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic. We must remain alert to,

  • Continue our Creativity
  • Problem solve
  • Make excellent decisions quickly
  • Have excellent communication
  • Work with a team
  • Stay calm and alert
  • Find an optimal solution

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