The Hardest Overwatch Achievements and How to Accomplish Them

Overwatch is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer shooter games with overwhelming popularity in the gaming community. It is relatively easy for beginner players to learn. But you will need a good amount of grinding to master the game in the long run.

With around 32 heroes to choose from, there are many overwatch achievements related to each character. To gain those achievements, you will need to complete specific tasks with certain characters. There are also quite a few achievements independent of the hero and focuses more on the overall gameplay.

Gaining achievements is a good milestone that you can show off in your profile. But some of them can get extremely frustrating to achieve without the guideline, especially in rookie players.

According to Boosting Ground, below are the top 5 hardest overwatch achievements. And today, we will be going to talk about how to accomplish them.

Overwatch Achievements- The floor is lava

This achievement can only be completed by playing the hero Lucio. To get this achievement, you will have to get at least 3 kills in the same game while riding on walls.

This is extremely difficult to complete as there are not many walls that you can ride on for anything more than one second. Getting someone with Lucio is already a difficult task for many players. So, having to do it while riding the wall can be daunting.

Be careful of baiting people into achieving this trophy. Once someone gets the idea of what you are trying to do, they will try their hard not to finish.

Overwatch Achievements- Rapid discord

Rapid discord is another one of those overwatch achievements that strikes fear in even the most veteran ow players. According to the professionals, the rarity of this achievement is below 2 percent.

This achievement can be gained by playing Zenyatta. The way to complete this achievement is by getting four discord kills or assists in only six seconds. That means you will have to use your E on four different players within the time frame of only six seconds and make sure they die.

Your best bet of completing this achievement is by joining a team fight and hope now enemy players get out.

Overwatch Achievements- Did that sting

This is another one of those tough to accomplish achievements that can be done by playing widowmaker.

To complete this, you will need to get a minimum of 4 kills using widowmakers venom mine. And unlike the Rapid Discord, assist will not count in the Did that sting equation.

Doing this sting is complicated to achieve, as your venom mine does little to no damage to the enemies. But the good news is, if someone triggers the trip mine and you kill them instantly after that, it will count as a kill by the venom mine and take to one step further on gaining this overwatch achievement.

But getting the chance to do this four times in a game is highly unlikely. So, your best bet is to through your venom mine in the team fight and let someone help you get the kill.

Overwatch Achievements- Hack the planet.

Hack the planet is an ow achievement that must be done using the hero Sombra. And to get this achievement, you will need to hack at least 15 enemies without dying even once.

It is one of those tasks that is easy to understand but hard to realize. Simple but not easy.

Because in the actual ow gameplay, doing this is not so easy whatsoever. It is because, whenever Sombra gets out of stealth, you tend to make a sound. And while you hack someone, your hero screams, which offers you all the unwanted attention you do not need while gaining this achievement. So eventually, you will get targeted every time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hacking turrets do not count. So, you have to complete the task by only hacking players.

While you try to gain this achievement, make sure to play the whole game keeping this in mind. That means you don’t just want to hack and get the kill every time. Your main game plan should be to hack and back up, hack, and back up till the task is completed.

Overwatch Achievements- Huge rez

The last one on our list is Huge rez. And as you may already know, this achievement is done by one of the most loved heroes from Mercy’s overwatch.

The task is straightforward. You will have to resurrect six of your allies without dying even once. If you were playing the old Mercy, this could be easily achieved by jumping on top of s huge crowd of dead teammates and making the resurrection.

But with the new changes, your resurrection is on a longer cooldown. So, it requires a lot of patience and calculated gameplay to make six resurrections without dying. This cooldown makes Huge rez one of the most challenging overwatch achievements, so get at the moment.

You can only do this at games where your teammates die, but not all at once because that will make your enemies rush and kill you before you can make the rez.

To conclude

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