The Best e-Juice Recipes of 2021

With all of the recipes available online, making your e-juices has never been easier than now. But with that many recipes floating out and about and a huge collection of vape flavors available to you, the problem is no longer how to make a good e-juice – but which one should you make.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of flavors that were the most popular in the last year and will probably go on into 2021 as well. We’ve also touched upon what supplies you will need to make e-juices, just in case you are just starting out and need an idea of what will be necessary.

Necessary Supplies

Some of the basic equipment and supplies can very easily be found, either in starter kits that you can find online, or if you want to piece it together, you can look for everything you need in your local vape shop and any pharmacy you can find. What you will be needing is:

  • PG (Propylene glycol)
  • VG (Vegetable glycerin)
  • A nicotine solution (optional)
  • Concentrates of the flavors you will be using
  • A graduated cylinder and a couple of beakers
  • Pipettes and syringes
  • Protective gear (gloves and goggles, maybe even a mask if you’re working with nicotine)
  • Glass bottles with caps (to store the final product)

You should also probably have a calculator on hand, as keeping track of the percentages and amounts in your head can get very hard if you’re working with a slightly more complicated recipe. If you have all the necessary supplies, it only comes down to following the recipe you have.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from experimenting on your own, but until you know PG and VG ratios with flavor concentrate, maybe just stick to what someone else already calculated to be optimal.

Menthol Recipes

Menthol flavors have been a staple in vaping since the beginning. There is a wide array of variations, and you can match and mix the icy menthol flavor with practically anything, as it’s tough to find a flavor that a cool little kick on the inhale wouldn’t improve.

As for the most popular flavors of 2021, there isn’t one specific flavor, as menthol e-juices come in so many shapes and forms, it’s almost impossible to count them all. The most notable ones are the combinations with fruity and tobacco flavors, which we’ll touch upon a bit more below.

It certainly seems that menthol flavors are an all-time favorite, and they won’t be going away any time soon.

Fruity Recipes

For this entry, we’ve decided to bunch up all of the fruity flavors that have shown themselves as extremely popular and their combinations and variations that show up in popular recipes. Although they often mix with menthol, there are still many fruity flavors that stand on their own as some of the most popular.

From everyday fruits like green apples and strawberries, all the way to the tropical tastes of mango, kiwi, and dragonfruit – the list is never-ending. You can mix and match your favorite fruits together or enjoy the distinct flavor of just one.

It should also be mentioned that a lot of these flavors come in a candy version as well, especially tastes like strawberry and watermelon, and those have shown themselves to be extremely popular as well, especially when mixed with menthol or sour candy.

Tobacco Recipes

Tobacco flavored recipes have also been around ever since the early starts of vaping. Even though many people have been moving towards recipes that have nothing to do with tobacco or nicotine, these recipes still keep a vast audience that shows no intention of making a switch.

They are often mixed with flavors that suppress tobacco’s strong flavor, most commonly vanilla and menthol. These combinations are the ones that were the most popular in 2020 from the tobacco category and will most likely keep their spot in the best recipes for e-juices in the coming years as well.

In Conclusion

We haven’t included any specific recipes, as they can be found very easily online. This was more to bring attention to the recipes that were most commonly encountered in 2021. This can help anyone who is just starting to pick out their first recipe for themselves.

This way, they know that what they are making has been popular recently, and with good reason. After that, it’s only up to the vaper’s preference to make a choice, get the supplies, and start on your very first recipe right away.