The Best Caviar Gift Sets for Enjoyment

It is easy to please a loved one, who will appreciate the delicacy. It’s enough to start searching for the best option, and the list of caviar gift sets will help. To share the joy and the unique taste, you do not have to waste time looking for accessories: everything you need is provided in the set. Feel absolute pleasure and experiment with great products. You can find them at Bester Caviar.

Osetra Trio Sampler or Caviar Gourmet Set: Size matters

It is easy to explain the high demand. Each type of product has its unique flavors. Can’t decide which is right for you? Pay attention to gourmet caviar gift sets, and you will find the following in the set:

  • sturgeon caviar from the Indian Ocean with a rich and oily aftertaste;
  • black sturgeon pearls from the Caspian Sea with a unique nutty flavor that unfolds in the mouth;
  • fish eggs from the Caspian Sea will delight you with a sweetish, light nutty flavor.

Everything is prepared for tasting the incredible set. What can be better than spending an evening in pleasant company and an unusual snack?

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

You can enjoy the taste of Siberian sturgeon caviar by purchasing a unique set. There are no barriers for inexperienced gourmets: it includes a spoon and suitable products for tasting. Use blinis and crème fraîche to reveal your favorite notes.

Medium-sized eggs and rich flavours will also appeal to experienced tasting experts. The creamy taste is a distinction that deserves attention. The sophistication is due to the fish being raised under natural conditions. The pure ocean waters have made their mark on the taste characteristics to experience a gastronomic pleasure.

Russian Osetra Karat Black or Amber

The classics are immortal, and this set again confirms popular opinion. Tasters will be able to appreciate sturgeon caviar and enjoy the unusual aftertaste. The light nutty flavor, effervescence, and high hardness of the grains will also please newcomers.

The fish are raised in clean water that was collected from melting snows. Black pearls are harvested by the classical method. A delicate crème fraiche and pancakes are included to make the russian caviar gift set a memorable experience. Nothing will stop you from tasting this delicacy: the preparation for the tasting is done at a high level.

Zar Trilogy

This fantastic set is a demonstration of several flavours of the delicacy. Experience a new kind of pleasure from buying several types of caviar, and be prepared for an unusual experience. To uncover all the intricacies of the set, it is worth following the above algorithm:

  1. Classic caviar. Start the tasting with this product, and you will be able to appreciate the classic taste on its own merits.
  2. Siberian sturgeon caviar. Marine notes and nutty flavor will open up when you taste the next package of products.
  3. Royal beluga caviar. A tender, creamy taste is a beautiful end to an evening of tasting, which will not leave you indifferent.

The classic French recipe appetizers make it possible to enjoy the evening while eating caviar. The lack of bright accents will create an unforgettable experience.

What about beluga caviar? Have you ever tasted it?

Exclusive taste attracts gourmets, and newcomers will be surprised by the unusual combination. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive delicacies, requiring special tasting preparation. The good thing is that you do not need to worry about anything. The set includes the necessary products and accessories for an unexpected tasting in a romantic atmosphere.

River Beluga Caviar – Kaluga Hybrid

The luxury and exuberance of the receptors’ sensations are easily combined in the eggs of the river beluga. Tasters note the presence of a rich flavor. Combination with French pancakes will allow you to feel the smooth structure of the grains and the “explosions” of each egg.

Preparing for a sumptuous dinner won’t create any problems. Quick receipt of the set will allow you to start tasting in minutes. Crème fraîche, French pancakes and beluga caviar go perfectly together. But do you want to enjoy the luxury of your chosen set? Well, there are no barriers for you.

River Beluga Caviar – Kaluga Hybrid

Royal Beluga Hybrid (Huso huso x Baerii)

If you choose this caviar sampler gift set, be prepared for a surprise. The delicacy is in high demand, as other species cannot demonstrate such a range of flavors. Anyone who first encounters beluga caviar will be impressed by the taste buds.

The originality of the treat is revealed instantly. You will initially feel the nutty notes and then enjoy a light earthy flavor. Finally, you can complete the unusual combination with an excellent Champagne, which lets you plunge into the luxurious atmosphere of tastes.


Finding the perfect set will not be easy. Preparing gift sets allows you to go through all the stages of tasting and enjoyment. Then, share a unique treat with a loved one to make the bliss more enjoyable. Finally, someone else will take care of the availability of the right products.