The Best 4k Portable Gaming Monitor

Gamers are some of the most meticulous professionals you could find globally, and they don’t joke with their sacred past time. They go the extra mile and are known for spending vast amounts of money to purchase equipment that would give them a premium gaming experience. There’s nothing that they won’t do (legitimately) to have the upper hand against the competition, especially when the game is being live-streamed. One of the best modern gaming tools is the 4k portable gaming monitor, which takes the gaming experience a notch higher. This gaming monitor blows the competition out of the water, it gives a hyper-realistic experience to the gamer, and there are hardly any limitations once you plugin. 

Here, we will be discussing the benefits of using a 4k screen while gaming and how that can enhance your gaming experience. We will also be discussing the benefits of using a portable monitor for gaming and why that would be a good option for some gamers. Furthermore, we will be touching on the importance of finding a high-quality 4k gaming monitor and what someone should be looking for when purchasing a 4k portable gaming monitor. So without further ado, let’s get to connecting the joysticks and having a whole lot of fun!

The Benefits of Using a 4k Screen while Gaming

Using a 4k screen is pretty different from using a regular television or small screen. It improves the gaming experience, it adds relatability, and you’d be surprised at the versatility it assures. So, here are some of the top benefits of using a 4k screen; you’ll be impressed. 

1. Connectors

Before you start playing the latest video games, you’ll have to connect the console to the monitor or the laptop to the monitor. Such a connection isn’t all that difficult, but it could become a chore if you aren’t adept from the beginning. Unlike the super limited televisions, 4k gaming monitors are “equipped with HDMI and DisplayPort/Type-C connectors for video signals.” Also, they have 3.5mm stereo jacks for audio input and output, meaning that you’ll be able to connect via multiple ports, and misplacing one connection won’t be the end of the world (or game). 

2. Screen Size

Many gamers prefer their screens to be moderate-sized so that they can take their time to maneuver missions at close view. They aren’t really into the big screen television vibe, which gives the portable monitors a leg up. Also, 4k portable monitors come in different sizes, meaning that a person would be spoilt for choice when picking his gaming monitor. 

3. Versatility

Asides from gaming, there are a couple of other things that 4k portable monitors can get done. Such stuff as providing a proper backdrop for presentations, something like equipping an office worker with a much-needed tool for word processing, and its usefulness as a home movie theater (if you back it up with speakers. 4k portable monitors certainly punch above their weight, and there are more where that came from.

The Benefits of Using a Portable Monitor for Gaming

Gaming is an age-old tradition in the lives of teenagers and young adults. There’s something special about immersing yourself in the latest releases from game retailers, and it feels like there’s no problem in the world at that point. That’s why gamers go the extra mile in ensuring that all their gadgets are finely stacked up. Among such devices is the portable monitor for gaming, which we would discuss in a few. But first, here are the benefits that readily come to mind. 

1. Multitasking

Most gamers have day jobs, real-life friends to catch up to, and the occasional side hustles to keep pushing. That’s why it isn’t such an intelligent thing to immerse yourself in a video game without having a portable monitor by your side. Portable monitors are so awesome because they’ll enable you to multitask. You could be playing your game on the smaller monitor while trading stocks on the newly acquired portable monitor. All you need are the right cables, and connections and a couple of YouTube videos to brush your craft up. 

2. Improved Gameplay

Many people sleep on the fact that portable laptops ensure an improved gaming experience, but that’s why we’re here to educate you. Portable monitors are a masterstroke for gaming, whether the purists like it or otherwise. Take, for example, “as a fan of racing games; you might consider having a dual monitor setup consisting of a curved and a flat monitor.” With all said, maybe it’s about time to make use of these modem functionalities before something more pressing fines up. Speaking of which, that leads us to another millennial benefit. 

3. Durability

Let’s face it; regular laptop screens are excellent, gaming laptops offer a lot, but fall short in some respects, and so do your cinemas and other gigs involving technology. It’s certainly brighter now, as portable monitor ticks most of your problematic boxes. Plus, they are super durable and finely compatible with most devices. All you have to do is ensure there’s no awkward fall, clean it occasionally when the dust settles, and you’ll have yourself a worthy lieutenant for the foreseeable future.

What you Should Look for When Purchasing a 4k Portable Monitor

Like we said earlier in this piece, there are a couple of things that we, a gamer, must look for in a 4k portable monitor before purchasing. These are the things that a 4k gaming portable monitor can’t do without, and anything short would be futility in labor. Here are a few components.

1. Screen Size & Resolution

Gamers don’t joke about their gaming monitors’ screen size and resolution, and they are pretty specific about the details. It’s also worth noting that, these days, “1080p is the most common resolution amongst gamers but, as new games and PC technology are released, expect 1440p and 4k to be the de facto standard for the everyday gamer.” As far as screen size goes, it’s not always the bigger, the better, as most gamers would prefer a gaming laptop that hits the sweet spot between large and medium-sized. 

2. Response Time

Just ask any casual gamer about the importance of a speedy response time, and you’ll understand why they’re so specific when purchasing 4k gaming portable monitors. The response time or a portable monitor of that sort is a no-brainer, as “When you’re playing any game, every millisecond counts, so you need to make sure your monitor can display everything quickly and clearly.” Also, response times are a pretty touchy subject with gamers, and that’s why it’s better that you purchase one that doesn’t lag in response time. Once you can do this, then you’re good to go!

3. Others 

A couple of other things a gaming enthusiast should look for in his or her 4k gaming portable monitor before purchasing it. Such items range from the seemingly basic like color, shape, size, and the other more straightforward stuff on one side. The other side has things like color contrasting, adjustment specifications, panel uniformity, color gamuts, and backlight technology. However, the most important thing is that the 4k gaming portable monitor should be compatible with the gadget you’re connecting it to. Once that is done, then the rest is history.

Final Thoughts

There’s a particular saying that goes thus, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy*. That’s probably where gaming originated from, and we have to thank hardworking Jack for the foundation he laid in the furtherance of conducive 4k gaming. In the above piece, we took out time to explain some of the more confusing gaming terms out there, things that a couple of master gamers can’t even put the foot down. 

As such, we advise that you remember to check out if all the components of a 4k gaming monitor are intact before parting with your hard-earned money. Some of these features can be improvised, while the vast majority can’t, so you should endeavor to ask the retailer a couple of questions. It’s only natural that you go the extra mile in gaming; I do the same thing too!