The 3 Pros and Cons of Using a Coffin for your Loved one’s Funeral

When it comes to funerals, the coffin is a very important part of the ceremony. It’s the last thing that the deceased will be seen in, and it’s important to make sure they look their best. You can choose a traditional style coffin, or go for something more modern like a biodegradable coffin. If you have a specific design in mind, the funeral home can usually accommodate your needs. However, it is important to understand coffin pros and cons before making your decision.

Here are the three main pros of using a coffin

1. They can be Custom Made

You can find a coffin that fits the personality of your loved one. Many coffin companies like Titan Casket offer custom-made coffins, meaning you can design them based on what your loved ones would have wanted. A coffin is a reflection of the person who will be inside during their funeral service and for their transition into the afterlife. You can make sure they are comfortable and that the coffin fits with what they are all about.

2. They offer a Peaceful State

A coffin can help keep your loved one in a peaceful state. If you are burying your loved ones, putting them into a coffin will make sure they are properly taken care of and they will not be exposed to the elements. Additionally, embalming is not always necessary with coffin funerals, but if you do choose to have your loved one embalmed, a biodegradable coffin is the best option. A biodegradable coffin will decompose over time, leaving no harmful toxins behind. This is a much better option than traditional coffins made from wood or metal, which can take centuries to break down.

3. Act as a Reminder

A coffin can serve as a reminder of the person that has passed away. A coffin is a way for you to keep your loved one with you in some small way during the days after their passing. You can put things inside the coffin such as items that were important to your loved one, pictures of them, and more.

Here are the three main cons of using a coffin

1. Disrespectful

Some religions consider some coffins like biodegradable coffins to be disrespectful to the dead, so they might not allow it…which would mean you wouldn’t get their blessing for your loved one’s funeral.

2. Inconvenient

If you are having a public or private service, then a coffin can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient to load and unload from the family’s vehicle. Some coffins also take up quite a bit of space in your vehicle, which may create an inconvenience for those who do not have a large vehicle.

3. Difficult to Transport

A coffin can be difficult to transport. There are often regulations about how a coffin can be transported and it can be expensive to have someone else take care of this for you. Some coffins like Green funerals are currently still rare, so you may encounter problems with transporting the body or finding someone to conduct the ceremony.

Overall, there are pros and cons to using a coffin for your loved one’s funeral. It is important to weigh all of the options and make the decision that is best for your family.