Ten Coffee Tips For Every Caffeine Addict

Which is the most consumed beverage in the world? Well, it isn’t coffee! People drink water more than they drink beer/vodka. But tea/coffee probably is the world’s most popular drink after water. Some two-thirds of Americans (mostly women) consume coffee daily. It’s also believed that 3 out of 4 people who use caffeine regularly are already addicted to this substance. Coffee is a potent stimulant. It stimulates the release of adrenaline that keeps us alert constantly. So, caffeine addicts experiment with different methods to consume coffee in innovative but healthier manners. We’ve compiled a bunch of “life hacks” to help you spend all that adrenaline.

Tips to control your obsession with caffeine

Several addictions overpower a person in adulthood. These include smoking, alcoholism, and different types of fetishes. Millions of people find themselves addicted to caffeine. Extracted from kola nuts, tea leaves, and coffee beans, caffeine makes your brain more alert and less tired. You consume this drug by drinking tea/soda/coffee and eating chocolate. It’s okay if an adult consumes around 40 milligrams of this legal drug daily. But too much caffeine may turn you into an addict where you can’t live without it. Here we’ll discuss some eccentric but interesting methods to consume healthier amounts of coffee. Our tips involve several quirky ways to enhance its flavor and make your cup of Joe tastier than before:

1. Cold brew coffee

Instead of drinking traditional coffee, you should try some healthier alternatives. Start drinking cold brew coffee, which is 67% less acidic than brewed coffee. It tastes less bitter hence more delicious. It is also better for your stomach – being more alkaline – and activates your colon for better digestion. You can also heat your cold brew coffee, but doing so will make it stronger as caffeine tends to dissolve easily at high temperatures. Making cold brew coffee is both easy and cheap for addicts.

2. Vietnamese coffee

Have you ever tried the Vietnamese variation of coffee? This traditional Asian recipe involves native Robusta beans with a darker roast. These beans have more caffeine than Americans consume; hence they’re included in the category of strong-flavored iced coffee variations. They also add some sweetened condensed milk into it, thereby furnishing an already-luscious essence. With a thick brew and strong taste, this popular Vietnamese delicacy seems like the perfect innovation for caffeine addicts.

3. Store the beans properly

Do you keep your coffee beans in the freezer? Don’t store them inside the refrigerator if you haven’t replaced the packaging. Ensure that your beans are located in an airtight container to preserve their flavor and essence. But grounds mustn’t get exposed to air, heat, light, or moisture. And your fridge can pollute the beans with dampness and the smell of other edibles. So, remember to remove the beans after a week from the freezer. You can find opaque containers online to keep your beans.

4. Bulletproof coffee

Do you follow a ketogenic diet? It involves consuming more fats but fewer carbs for regulating your cholesterol levels as well as maintaining weight. You combine caffeinated beverages with grass-fed cows’ butter and oil extracted from coconuts. This coffee variation serves as a breakfast alternative to a quick espresso. You can accelerate your metabolism with this energy-boosting delicacy since butter provides you all the necessary vitamins for optimal performance. However, this blend isn’t healthy for everyone, especially those with heart disease.

5. Use a popcorn maker

Do you like roasting your coffee beans innovatively? Try using a popcorn maker. Cooking grounds in a popper merely takes ten minutes. Roasting coffee by yourself helps you ensure its flavor and essence are retained. If you value the freshness of your cuppa, it’s better to produce home-brewed coffee. Caffeine geeks even purchase special poppers online to roast beans. You’ll have to preheat the popcorn maker, add some beans, and wait for the first browning as well as the first crack.

6. Salt in coffee

Does your coffee taste bitter? Consider adding some salt – instead of sugar – to your coffee to enhance its flavor and reduce the bitterness. Although this method seems quirky – like all other practices we’ve mentioned – it originated during the Great Depression when people discovered that a pinch of salt made coffee tastier. Just sprinkle some grains over a hot cup of mud and you get yourself something truly American! Try using salt obtained from the Himalayas or deep oceans for that extra kick.

7. Cinnamon in coffee

What else can you put in your coffee instead of sugar? Cinnamon! It lowers glucose in your blood, so consider mixing this spice into your coffee. A dash of cinnamon in caffeinated beverages improves not just your drink’s flavor but also your health. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and helps you lose weight while enhancing your mental alertness. It makes coffee taste sweeter without any calories. However, many hardcore addicts and coffee loyalists aren’t fond of it.

8. Coffee popsicles

How about turning coffee into a quality summertime treat? Some addicts have combined cold brew coffee with some cream to create delicious popsicles. This method allows consumers to utilize every single drop of coffee by freezing leftovers and making something caffeinated to eat. You can also try this method with your low-carbs bulletproof coffee and begin having caffeine for breakfast. We’ll not talk about frozen coffee desserts that have dominated image boards on Pinterest, though.

9. Coffee syrup

Many addicts cherish those syrups they add to their coffee! How about making this syrup at home by yourself? Just get yourself two cups of water and two cups of sugar. Then combine these two items and add some caramel or vanilla extract. Keep stirring the mixture over low heat until they combine. Mixing caffeine and glucose turns this mixture into a sensual, delicious syrup. You can make an excellent Italian soda, pour it on a smoothie, or make thirst-quenching cocktails.

10. Reuse the beans

Lastly, try reusing the coffee beans instead of throwing them away. You can spread them all over your garden as fertilizers or turn the grounds into insect repellants. These used beans also make good face scrubs and rinsing materials for dark-haired people. Some addicts even create unique soaps with their coffee beans. How about making some candles with your grounds? Try making your caffeine addiction useful by inventing domestic objects with the help of dried beans.


Americans consume more bottled water than alcoholic beverages. But coffee remains the most popular beverage in the United States. Is caffeine bad for you? Well – like many other harmless beverages – coffee has both advantages and disadvantages. It increases your metabolism, protects your heart, helps control your asthma, and lowers the risk of hypertension. On the other hand, it makes you anxious and agitated as well as restless and insomniac. People have found many variations that help them enjoy this obsession with caffeine. These innovations include adding salt/butter to your coffee, freezing this liquid into cubes/popsicles, and others. These hacks make one’s coffee-drinking habit more enjoyable.