New Uses for Old Smartphones

old cell phones

Technology moves at a rapid pace, which means new and snazzy gadgets are introduced year after year. Most of us can get by a few years with our smartphones, but with the constant launching of new phones with some dazzling upgrades, it’s pretty tempting to splurge on a shiny new model. You … Read more

How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds?

How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds

Sitting in a classroom, hunched over a desk, you furiously erase incorrect answers from a sheet of math problems. “This is a waste of time,” you think to yourself. “Why can’t I just use a calculator?” “You won’t always have a calculator in your pocket,” the teacher replies. Fast forward a decade … Read more

5 Smartphones for Photography

Samsung S9 Plus

Professional cameras such as mirrorless and DSLRs are still in the race only because they provide features that phones don’t but they are mostly replaced by the top-end phones for non-professional use. Smartphone cameras are just so excellent that you won’t need to carry a separate bag for a camera. Most of … Read more