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People with loose wave hair get the best in the world. Plus they can achieve a seemingly permanent loose wave look with a beautiful, youthful texture and natural supplement that is hard for people with other hair types to get.

100% human hair weave is becoming more and more popular in the market and all over the world. You will find that if you do some research on people, almost all women talk about the work of human hair bundles. As the 100 human hair weaves develop, more and more tips are needed to protect the life of Remy hair. Among all the tips on caring for weave bundles of human hair, washing is the first and important step.

Why You Should Wash Your Human Hair Weave?

100% human hair weave extensions usually don’t come cheap, so keeping our Remy human hair weave healthy is essential for women who want to wear the most natural looking human hair weave. Washing is the first and most important step in caring for a human hair tie. You’ve probably heard the saying that washing too much will make your cheap human hair dry and brittle, so you might be confused about whether you should wash the best human hair weave. Here, we give you a good answer, you should wash your 100 human hair, because not washing your human hair will get wet and wavy hair styles will become dirty and lifeless, this is also bad for your health and softness. To balance over wash and no wash conditions, you have to pay attention to your washing frequency.

The headband wigs human hair are trendy right now. Especially in summer, headband wigs are breathable and wear-and-go, Sunber hair offers all the best types of headband wigs if you need them, these are very cheap wigs but If you have bundles of useless human hair at home, you can make a headband wig with me, and save money by doing something else.


  1. Headband wigs don’t just appear out of nowhere. To cope with the shortening of lace wigs in the early stages of the epidemic, headband wigs appeared. In addition, people need to spend more time at home, so human hair manufacturers have more reasons to find a more convenient method of human hair wigs.
  2. However, the ultimate popularity of headband wigs cannot be separated from the reasons for easy, natural-looking, scalp-free and fashionable hairstyles. The convenience of the application has won too many wig replacements. Headband wigs provide an easy and simple alternative, as long as you’re more natural hair is smooth back or curly. Furthermore, if you are not very good at wearing wigs, then a headband wig is a good choice. It doesn’t need extra combs, bobby pins, or glue, and looks more natural than a lace wig. So headband wigs should stay in trend in the short term.

What is Loose Wave Hair?

Have you ever braided your hair, slept with the braid intact and then untied it in the morning? This is what Loose Wave Hair is all about. Loose waves especially large curls on long hair. During hot summer weather near water, humidity increases as hair starts to get wavy and frizzy.

Also, after swimming in salt water, hair has a certain texture and looks wavy when dried. More often than not, the natural way to get loose wavy hair isn’t very appealing. Hair doesn’t get wavy the whole length or too messy or curly to look attractive. That’s why most women prefer to get their loose waves at home or at the salon.

At Sunber hair mall, we have four types of loose wave hair, all of which are 100% virgin hair and are selling well in the market. They are of the highest quality and are increasingly popular among women because loose waves can give you an attractive look.

Sunber Hair Customer Service

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